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How to get initiated into Siddha Yoga

Guru Siyag initiates people into Siddha Yoga through a Diksha (initiation) program. The process of initiation is called Shaktipat, which means awakening of Shakti, the feminine divine Kundalini or the cosmic energy force in the seeker by the Guru.

Diksha programs are organized by Guru Siyag's spiritual organization अध्यात्म विज्ञान सत्संग केन्द्र (ए वी एस के) only on Thursdays in a city or town where Guru Siyag is camping at a given time. The initiation is done en masse for a large public gathering. However, in exceptional cases or for foreign nationals who require translation from Hindi to English, initiation is done individually in a private session.

A typical Diksha program consists of the following standard procedure:

The program starts with a brief, 10-minute, introduction about Guru Siyag by an AVSK volunteer, who also explains briefly Siddha Yoga and AVSK's activities. Over the next hour, Guru Siyag briefly outlines Vedic philosophy on which Siddha Yoga is based. At the close of this presentation, he gives the participants a ‘Secret Divine Mantra' and briefs them how to meditate daily. Guru Siyag's presentation is followed by a 15-minute meditation session for all the participants present. Once the interested person participates in Diksha program and receives the divine Mantra, he/she formally becomes Guru Siyag's disciple and is initiated into Siddha Yoga. For an interested person to avail of Siddha Yoga's benefits fully for his/her entire life time, he/she needs to meet Guru Siyag at least once and get initiated formally. This is because Siddha Yoga works only through the traditional Indian system of establishing a Guru-Disciple spiritual bond.

The ‘Divine Mantra' given by Guru Siyag is Secret. DO NOT reveal the Secret Mantra to anyone even if the person happens to be your close relation such as husband, wife, child or parent. Although the Mantra is given in an open public session, divine law restricts the practitioner from passing it on to others or saying it loudly. Violation of this code renders the mantra ineffective, and the erring practitioner cannot hope to benefit from the practice of Siddha Yoga during his entire life time nor does he/she receive blessings and Grace of Gurudev.

All the Diksha programs are conducted entirely in Hindi as Guru Siyag speaks only in Hindi. However, AVSK volunteers act as interpreters/ translators for Guru Siyag when foreign nationals participate in Diksha programs. A Diksha program typically lasts for an hour. There is no dress code for the participants in the Diksha programs, which are open to all irrespective of their gender, age, color, race, religion or nationality.

NOTE : Those who cannot travel to meet Guru Siyag due to acute illness or any other compelling reasons can also practice avail Siddha Yoga and thus avail His blessings. They should download Guru Siyag's photo from the AVSK website and meditate on his form with sincere silent prayers. If they follow this routine regularly for a fortnight, they will soon notice a significant improvement in their health or their circumstances turning positive enough to enable them to make the trip to meet Guru Siyag. Read more about the method for meditation in ‘How to Meditate '. .