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How to Get Mantra

If you have not received initiation from Sadgurudev Siyag, please call on phone number +91 7533006009 and receive the Sanjeevani (divine) mantra.

This means that practitioners cannot reveal the mantra verbally, through writing or other gestures to those not present at the time of the mantra diksha (initiation).
It is Guru Siyag's voice that has an effect on the listener.
Guru Siyag's voice comes from an enlightened body and that is why it has an effect on the listener.  
The mantra given by Guru Siyag through each of the above-mentioned means is the same.
The mantra is the same for all individuals and does not change each week.

Each of the five mantra diksha methods are described in detail below:

Call for Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha) by Guru Siyag on Mobile

Please call on the mobile no 07533006009 to get the Initiation by Guru Siyag Voice.