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How to Get Mantra


If you have not received initiation from Sadgurudev Siyag, please call on phone number 91 7533006009 and receive the Sanjeevani (divine) mantra.

There are five different ways to receive the divine mantra from Guru Siyag: In person,on mobile, Online Initiation, through TV telecast and video-CD.

Please Note:

The mantra is given through the above-mentioned four methods only by Guru Siyag.
This means that practitioners cannot reveal the mantra verbally, through writing or other gestures to those not present at the time of the mantra diksha (initiation).
It is Guru Siyag's voice that has an effect on the listener.
Guru Siyag's voice comes from an enlightened body and that is why it has an effect on the listener.  
The mantra given by Guru Siyag through each of the above-mentioned means is the same.
The mantra is the same for all individuals and does not change each week.


Each of the five mantra diksha methods are described in detail below:


Method 1: Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha) by Guru Siyag on Mobile

Please call on the mobile no 07533006009 to get the Initiation by Guru Siyag.

Method 2:  In Person from Guru Siyag

Guru Siyag initiates people into Siddha Yoga through a Diksha (initiation) program. The process of initiation is called Shaktipat, which means awakening of Shakti, the feminine divine Kundalini or the cosmic energy force in the seeker through a process developed by the Guru.
Diksha programs are organized only on Thursdays in a city or town where Guru Siyag is camping at a given time. The initiation is done en masse for a large public gathering. The Diksha programs are conducted entirely in Hindi as Guru Siyag speaks only in Hindi. However, in exceptional cases or for foreign nationals who require translation from Hindi to English, initiation is done individually in a private session. A Diksha program typically lasts for an hour. There is no dress code for the participants in the Diksha programs, which are open to all irrespective of their gender, age, color, race, religion or nationality. A typical Diksha program consists of the following standard procedure:
Guru Siyag briefly outlines the Vedic philosophy on which Siddha Yoga is based. At the close of this presentation, he gives the participants a ‘Divine Mantra' and briefs them how to meditate daily. This is followed by a 15-minute meditation session for all the participants present.


Method 3: Siddha Yoga Philosophy & Online Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha) by Guru Siyag

Please click here to   know the Siddha Yoga Philosophy and get online initiation(Shaktipat Diksha) from Guru Siyag.

Method 4:  Watching GSSY mantra diksha program on TV
GSSY mantra diksha program is telecast on the television channel Zee News. This telecast is currently available only in South-East Asia. Click here for program telecast schedule.   

Method 5:  Watching GSSY mantra diksha program on Video-CD
If your cable operator / package does not provide Zee Jagran, you can order a Video-CD of the mantra diksha program by calling the AVSK center closest to you or the AVSK ashram in Jodhpur.
Alternatively, if you or any of your friends, family and acquaintances has the GSSY mantra diksha CD, copies of the CD can be made and distributed among those in need of it.