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Adhyatma Vigyan Satsang Kendra, Jodhpur

Near Hotel Leriya Resort, Chopasani, Jodhpur (Raj.) India-342003

Call :0291-2753699, +91-9784742595
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Description of Various Programs

-: Guru Poornima Celebrations :-


(Falls in every month of July on full moon day as per Hindu calendar year of Aasadh month)

Spiritually this is a most auspicious day between Guru-Disciple. On this day Maharishi Veda Vyas initiated his disciples on Spiritual Path. After this, this day is celebrated with great reverence on this Holy Land of India. According to Vyas Ji, Guru Poornima Day has great importance for Disciples. On this day, Disciples worship their Guru and seeks his blessings. This sacred moment of meeting with Guru is acquired by God’s Grace.  This auspicious day is celebrated on full moon day of Aasadh month according to Hindu Calendar Year , which comes in every month of July as per English calendar year .

On this occasion thousands of disciples gather at AVSK Jodhpur Ashram and worship Gurudev and seeks his blessings. Video recording of Gurudev’s Divine Discourse is played followed by 15 meditation and distribution of pleasance (Prasad).

(Guru Poornima 2018 would be celebrated on 27th July 2018. Main program would be held at Jodhpur. Those who cannot come can celebrate this festival at their own level at their own place)


-: Incarnation Day :-

 (24th November, 1926)

Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag was  born on 24th November 1926 in Palana village of Bikaner, a northern district of Rajasthan.

Shri Aurbindo’s prophecy about Gurudev Siyag

“The 24th November 1926 was the descent of Krishna into the physical. Krishna is not the Supramental Light. The descent of would mean the descent of the Overmind Godhead preparing though not itself actually, the descent of of Supermind and Ananda. Krishna is Anandmaya, he supports the evolutionthrough the overmind leading it towards Anand.”

Shri Aurbindo had also declared that the Shakti that has manufested itself in a human form would , after its development to its very summit through the sucessive stages of its evolution would appearbefore the people of whole world  by the end of the year 1993

Every year on 24th November a grand program is  organised at Jodhpur AVSK ashram dedicated to Gurudev. Thousands of disciples celebrate this festival by worshipping  Gurudev and doing meditation. This program is also celebrated at various centers of AVSK with full reverences.


-: Anniversary of Baba Shri Gangainath Ji :-


(On this very day Baba Shri Gangainath Ji left his mortal body.  This is celebrated according to Hindu Calendar Year on 11th day of waning  moon (Krishna Paksh) in the month of Posh (Likely to come in the month of December or January).

Main program is organized at Jamsar Ashram of Baba Shri Gangainath Ji. Thousands of disciples gather at Jamsar to mark respect to Baba Shri Gangainath Ji. Jamsar  lies 27 kms towards north from Bikaner district of Rajasthan on Bikaner Suratgarh highway.

AVSK Jodhpur ashram also celebrates this day by worshiping Baba Shri Gangainath Ji.

(The anniversary of the year 2018 will be celebrated on 11th day of waning  moon (Krishna Paksh) in the month of Posh , dated January 1, 2019.)

 Message from Sadgurudev Siyag

"I believe in the Vedic motto of "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (earth is one family). I am therefore very keen to reach out to millions of others abroad, especially the people in the west, and offer them this unique spiritual help. The people in the west, as Swami Vivekananda has said, have progressed materially through the advances in science and technology, but are in acute distress due to lack of spiritual wellbeing. I would like to begin this task by taking his mission to the United States of America, which is undoubtedly the leader of the west, and indeed the world. If anyone can contribute (contacts or finance) in the propogation of this Divine Mission in the United States of America, come forward and do so."