Leukemia (Blood Cancer) Cured

First and foremost I bow down in deep reverence at the feet of my Guru, the incarnation of God himself, Kalki Avatar Sadgurudev Shri Ram Lalji Siyag and his Guru, Lord Shiva incarnate, Baba Shri Gangainathji Yogi. It is their divine grace that has showered its blessings on an undeserving instrument such as me and completely transformed my life and brought me back from the very jaws of death.  

My name is Anil Kumar (son of Mr. Subhash Chand Harijan), and I am a resident of village Dhis (post Badod, tehsil Behrod) in Alwar district. Five months ago I fell ill with a fever and cough. I sought treatment from a local doctor and took the prescribed medication. However, this did not give me any relief. I then went to the District Hospital in Alwar for a check-up. There, Dr. M.C. Gupta conducted several tests on me, and after studying the results of the laboratory reports he told me that I had Cancer. Dr. Gupta then asked me to seek treatment in Jaipur as he did not have the necessary expertise to treat Cancer.
My father took me to S.S. Hospital in Jaipur where laboratory tests were conducted again. Tests revealed that I had 33 per cent Leukemia (Blood Cancer). Doctors at the hospital told us that there were no chances of me surviving this illness and asked my father to take me home. Following their advice, my father brought me back home. During this time, my friend Rupesh Chaudhary introduced us to Mr. Sunil Shastri. Mr. Shastri worked as a Lecturer at the Rajasthan Bhimraj Higher Secondary School in Badod, Alwar, and was also a disciple of Sadgurudev Siyag. He explained the benefits of doing Guru Siyag’s Yoga (GSY) and also told us how it cured diseases. We received mantra diksha (initiation) from a video CD he gave us. He told us to meditate twice a day and chant the mantra given by Guru Siyag round-the-clock. I come from a very poor family; my father runs a small tailoring shop and the family survives on this meager income. Because of our financial condition I had no recourse but the practice of GSY.  

We managed to borrow a loan from somewhere and went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) to present my case. Doctors there conducted a battery of tests and revealed that my Cancer was at an advanced stage and that there were no chances of survival. However, to appease my family they admitted as a patient in the hospital. My brother hung a photograph of Guru Siyag (given by Mr. Shastri) near my bed and urged me to meditate and chant the mantra. When the doctors would visit me during their daily rounds they would talk among themselves about my deteriorating condition and about how there was no hope for me. However, this knowledge of imminent death did not deter me and I meditated with complete trust and faith in Gurudev. Two months later tests were conducted on me again. Doctors were shocked by the test results: no cancer cells were detected. The same doctors who had earlier stated that there was no possibility of me surviving were now saying that it was almost as if I had never had this illness.

Every patient who is admitted to the Cancer ward stays there for about six months and breathes his last there. However, I left the ward in a matter of two months. Even the doctors acknowledged that it was only because of Gurudev’s grace that I had made a recovery. We returned home as soon as doctors permitted my release. I had a bit of cough and fever after my return home but on consuming the clove seeds given by Gurudev (energized through aura therapy), I was soon completely healthy. I truly believe that Guru Siyag is the Kalki Avatar of Kali Yuga (Age of Falsehood) and he has incarnated on earth to free his disciples from hardships and also fulfill the prophecy made by Shri Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta (that the Avatar descends on earth whenever there is predominance of evil). I urge people to reform their lives by seeking Gurudev’s blessings.