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AIDS Cured


Boranada, Jodhpur (Rajasthan), IN

I, Badri Narayan S/O Shri Jora Ram, was suffering from fever for a long time. So, I consulted Dr. C. P. Mathur on 13.09.2001. He declared me H.I.V. positive after checking my blood report. He prescribed me some medicines & I started taking them. But I did not feel any improvement, and my condition was becoming from bad to worse day-by-day. I had tumors all over the body & my body swelled up. Then my brother-in-law Shri Bagta Ram took me to another physician Dr. M.K. Singhavi on 12.05.03 and got my blood tested from Mumbai. Doctor said that AIDS is in severe form and that I won’t live for more than few hours and advised to take me home.

  • At that time one of my neighbours, Shri Ganga Ram, came to meet me in the hospital. He was worried because of my serious condition and said, “You can’t be cured by hospital’s medicines because AIDS is incurable. If you meditate on the photo of our sadhgurudev Shri Ram Lal Ji Siyag, then you could be cured completely”. Then he placed the photo of sadguru Shri Ram Lal Ji Siyag in front of my bed and asked me to concentrate on the photo of Sadguru at Agya Chakra (between eyebrows). I started meditating immediately.

  • During meditation some Yogic Movements occurred in my body. After four days, the knots disappeared from my body. I kept on meditating continuously while lying on the hospital bed. After one month & 20 days, I was fully cured & started taking the meals and walking around.

Initially I weighed 43 Kg. But after 50 days of meditation, I put on 5 Kg. weight & weighed 48 Kg. Then I took Shaktipat Initiation from sadgurudev Shri Ram Lal Ji Siyag at Kota on 22.05.03. I meditated and did Mantra Jap (silent repetition of sacred word) continuously.
  • Then on 07.07.03 I tested my blood in the same laboratory in Mumbai and consulted the doctor. Then the doctor compared both the reports and said that earlier your CD-4 count was 121 & CD-8 was 79.7 and the ratio of CD4 / CD8 was 0.11. Now without taking any medicine your CD-4 count has increased to 277 and CD-8 has decreased to 58.2 and ratio of CD4 / CD8 has increased to 0.33.

  • The doctor was surprised to know about it and told me that it is absolutely impossible according to medical science. He said it was possible by sadgurudev’s grace only. Now I am perfectly all right and my weight is 60 Kg.

  • So, I (Badri Narayan) appeal to everyone, who is suffering from AIDS, that they would be cured from AIDS by meditating on Gurudev’s photo and Sanjeevani mantra Jap. Your body will be cured of all types of diseases by the automatic Yogic movements, without taking any medicine. This is my firm belief.