New Delhi, India

I (Jyoti Sharma, wife of Shri Kamal Sharma) am a resident of New Delhi. At the time of my pregnancy, the doctor told me to get my blood test done. The report showed that I was HIV positive. Then I came to know that I had AIDS. He advised me to go for abortion as there were chances of the child being HIV positive too. I got the abortion done according to the doctor’s advise. I became very sad and upset.

  • My husband was also diagnosed as AIDS patient. We bought medicines for 15 days costing fourteen thousand rupees from an Ayurvedic doctor but there was no response. We were then told by the doctor that AIDS is an incurable disease and we cannot be saved from it.

  • One day my husband saw a pamphlet claiming the cure of AIDS through Siddha Yoga on Mall Road. He got the phone number written on it. When we called on that number, we came to know that it belonged to a disciple of Gururdev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag- Mr.P.S.Rathod. He told us about Gurudev and to go to Shaktipat Initiation programme.

I took initiation from Gurudev on 19th Aug’ 2005. Different Yogic movements started happening automatically during meditation.
  • Two months after the initiation, my husband met Mr. P.S. Rathod, who advised to go for Viral Load test. My Viral Load test value was 44390 on 12 Oct’2005. After continuing the meditation and chanting for a few more months, I got the Viral Load test done again on 4th May 2006 and it came below 20.

  • The doctor declared that I was completely healthy. He even said that it was now safe for me to have children. Today I am completely healthy and do all kinds of household activities.

  • It is my request to all the people suffering from AIDS or any other disease to chant and meditate daily after surrendering to Gurudev and they will be cured.