Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India

I, Bhanwar Lal, S/O Sh. Birma Ram declare that the statement given here is based on facts and contains my life experience.

  • On 22-9-2000, I had high fever and was taken to Ambika Hospital, Jodhpur. Dr. Deepak Shrivastava checked me and provided medication but the temperature kept on increasing then doctor advised me to go for blood tests. On 25-9-2000 my blood test report declared that I was HIV Positive. On 26-9-2000 I consulted Dr. Manoj Lakhotia who also advised blood test. Thereafter Dr. Arvind Mathur also recommended a blood test that was done at a speciality center at Mumbai. All these tests confirmed that I was HIV Positive.

  • When my treatment started, my weight was 65 Kg but it kept on reducing and came down to 46 Kg. I was admitted at M.D.M. Hospital, Jodhpur and I was on medication through drip. One day the drip stopped and then doctors advised my family members to take me home since there was no hope of my recovery.

When I reached home, everybody was crying due to my serious condition. All my relatives came to see me but I was not able to speak or move my body. I could hear and understand that they were sad due to the fear of my impending death. At that time somebody informed my younger brother Uda Ram that after initiation from sadhgurudev Shri Ram Lal Siyag, all kinds of incurable diseases are getting cured of several people without taking any medicines.
  • Then four people lifted me and took me to Gurudev's Ashram to receive initiation from him. I started doing Mantra Jap (silent repetition of a sacred word) and meditation. Involuntary yogic movements occurred during meditation and my condition started improving since then. Today I am completely healthy and my weight has increased from 46 Kg to 87 Kg.

  • When I got cured and became healthy, I told my doctors that I was absolutely fit. They recommended blood tests and were surprised to see my reports and told me that this has never happened before with any AIDS patient.

  • I, Bhanwar Lal, appeal to all AIDS patients that they can also get cured of their disease if they meditate on Guru Siyag and chant the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev. By Siddha Yoga practice, all kinds of incurable diseases will disappear from the body. This is my firm belief and I declare it on the basis of my personal experience.