• 01.

    Sit in a comfortable position

    • Sit in a comfortable position facing any direction.

    • You can sit cross-legged on the floor, lie down, sit on a chair / couch etc., to meditate.

  • 02.

    Look at Gurudev's picture for a minute or two

    • Close your eyes

    • Silently pray to Gurudev Siyag, "Help me meditate for 15 minutes."

  • 03.

    Try to imagine Gurudev Siyag's picture at Agyachakra

    • With your eyes still closed, visualise Gurudev Siyag's image between your eyebrows (also known as the third eye)

    • This means that you have to try to imagine Gurudev Siyag's picture in your mind.

  • 04.

    Mentally chant the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev

    • While visualizing Gurdev Siyag’s picture at Agyachakra (Third Eye spot), mentally chant the Sanjeevani Mantra without moving your lips and tongue.

  • 05.

    Automatic Yogic Movements

    • During meditation, you may experience certain automatic yogic postures or movement of your limbs. Swaying, nodding of head, rapid movement of head from left-to-right or vice versa, inflating or deflating of belly, clapping, grunting, moaning or laughing can happen in many cases. Do not panic or worry. These actions, happen involuntarily, are ordained by divine force, and they are needed for your internal cleansing and readying you for further progress.

    • You may also experience vibrations, see bright lights, colors or even have visions or revelations of the past and future events. These are indications that you are progressing well on the spiritual path.

    • However, if you do not experience any yogic postures or see visions, it does not mean that are not making progress. In all probability, the divine force awakened in you has perhaps decided that you don't need these experiences.

  • 06.

    Meditation will come to an end

    • You will notice that your meditation will come to an end exactly when you reach the time limit you had set prior to starting meditation.