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How to Practice Siddha Yoga

A person who has formally become Guru Siyag's disciple through a Diskha program is required to practice the Siddha Yoga regularly, preferably daily. The daily practice includes constant and silent chanting of divine mantra and a 15 minute meditation session. The chanting of the mantra can be done at all times of the day and while performing various activities: while working, studying, driving, in the bathroom etc.

A practitioner can meditate at home or any other place he/she finds suitable for meditation. For a beginner, a quiet spot where meditation is not likely to be interrupted would be ideal. He/she should meditate daily in the early in the morning and evening or at any time that is suitable or convenient. Meditation should be accompanied by silent chanting of mantra. Since meditation is to be done with closed eyes, beginners usually worry about overshooting the 15-minute time-limit and delaying their daily routine. However, they should know that Siddha Yoga works with a divine help, which ensures that the meditation lasts only until the time limit mentally set by the practitioner before commencing meditation. So no need to set up an alarm-clock here.

Chanting of the ‘Mantra' is the key to successful practice of Siddha Yoga. Meditation helps in relieving stress, stabilizing and focusing mind on the divine form of Guru Siyag for concentration, and turning the gaze inwards for introspection. So meditation creates the supportive mental condition for the Mantra to work. It is the Mantra which acts as a trigger to awaken the sleeping ‘Kundalini', the divine cosmic force, in the practitioner's body. The awakened ‘Kundalini Force' gradually cleanses the body, mind and soul of the practitioner, and puts him on the path of highest spiritual transformation.

Beginners also worry about being able to sustain the efforts to chant the Mantra. However, they should know that sincere and concerted efforts for this purpose are needed only for a short while. The chanting of Mantra becomes automatic when it is repeated continuously over a certain period of time. This however depends directly on the degree of intensity, faith and sincerity with which the chanting is done. In some cases the chanting becomes automatic just over a week while some other cases it takes a fortnight or even few months. The practitioner is strongly advised not to give up if he/she finds the progress to be slow. He/she will eventually catch up.

Siddha Yoga is very simple to practice for anyone who is interested in it. No previous knowledge or experience of yoga is necessary; no special tools, aids, dress code and/or the presence of a yoga instructor are required; no rituals are required to be performed.

No practitioner of Siddha Yoga is required to give up his religious belief or change his life-style and dietary habits. All that is required of a practitioner is complete faith and devotion to Guru Siyag to achieve good health and spiritual progress.

NOTE: Those persons, who for some reason cannot attend the Siddha Yoga initiation programs, can practice Siddha Yoga at home. Read more about this meditation technique in ‘Siddha Yoga Meditation'.