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Diseases Cured


Jhotwada, Jaipur - 302012 (Rajasthan), INDIA

I (Shri Krishna Sharma) was suffering from Migraine for the last 15 years and then I got the prostrate problem in 2009. I had taken initiation from Gurudev on 23 March, 2000 but I never used to meditate.

When programs of Gurudev were organised in Jaipur in Feb-Mar’2010 after that I started doing meditation and chanting. I prayed to Gurudev to cure my diseases.
— Shri Krishna Sharma
  • Today because of his blessings my life, which was earlier dependent on medicines, is now free from it and I am now leading a happy life.

  • My life has changed. Where ever I go, I talk about Gurudev. My niece who lives in Bhilwara had developed knots in uterus and doctors had advised an operation. She called me and started crying. I told her about Gurudev and sent the CD with Sanjeevani Mantra in Gurudev’s voice after explaining the method of meditation

  • She practiced it with all sincerity and went to the doctor after a month for a check up. After doing the tests doctor confirmed that there weren’t any knots and the operation was averted.

  • So, I request everyone to surrender to Gurudev Shri Siyag Ji because He is God himself who has incarnated on earth to save the mankind.

Reference: Spiritual Science Magazine April - May 2013


Village-Saalkot, District - Surkhet, West Nepal

I (Karan Bahadur Shetri) work for Defence Security Corps. I was quite upset due to diabetes and stones in my kidney when my friend Rajendra informed me about Gurudev and gave a picture of Gurudev and explained the method of meditation.

I was admitted in INHS Ashwini Mumbai and my sugar level was 450 at that time. When I was discharged from the hospital my sugar level was 550. I was given some medicines and insulin injections and was told to inject it myself.
— Karan Bahadur Shetri
  • I thought it is better to die than to have to inject these insulin injections into my body. I threw all the injections and medicines after coming out of the hospital. Then I thought that now since I have decided not to take the medicines, I should meditate as told by my friend and see if there is any truth in that.

  • I started meditating and experienced yogic kriyas like pranayama of different kinds and I also cried during meditation. My wife got scared due to my crying but I didn’t share anything with her then.

  • Gradually my health started improving. Today I am perfectly alright. My sugar level is between 93-110.The stone also got removed on its own from the kidney. I didn’t have to take medicines of any kind for this.

  • Today I walk for 8 kms and run too. Thanks to Gurudev! My life has changed after chanting and meditating on Gurudev!

Reference: Spiritual Science magazine - December 2010


House no. 86-A, Vijay Nagar, Bhagat Ki Kothi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, INDIA

I (Jyoti Verma) first of all bow to my Gurudev who changed my hellish life and made it healthy and peaceful. Nobody can foretell when the problems are going to strike in life. After marriage I faced a lot of problems due to my health issues.

  • Stomach ache prompted me to visit the doctors. This in turn lead to the chain of tests which finally confirmed that I had Ovarian cancer. It was operated. Later the second ovary also was confirmed to be affected from cancer by Tata Memorial Hospital.

  • I was advised to go for another operation. This shattered me as it led to the loss of any hope of experiencing motherhood ever in my life. I was under stress and tension all the time.

A resident of Jodhpur, Shri Gangaram Bairwa, informed me about Gurudev Siyag’s Siddha Yoga and explained the method of meditation. So far, we had spent thousands of rupees with no result. Now I started meditating regularly on Gurudev’s image
— Jyoti Verma
  • And by Gurudev’s command also visited Baba Gangainathji Yogi’s samadhi at Jamsar and prayed. Later when another test was done by the doctor’s, cancer was no where to be found.

  • So, by Gurdev’s grace the operation of the second ovary was averted. Now by His grace my life is happy and I am completely healthy. I bow at the lotus feet of such a compassionate and merciful Guru.

Reference: Spiritual Science magazine - December 2010


Kablana, Jhajjar, Haryana, INDIA

First of all, my humble obeisance’s to Gurudev.
I (Sahab Singh) am employed in Indian Armed Forces. I was suffering from severe pain in my waist area. The MRI test deducted PIVD (Prolapse Intervertebral Disk) L4-L5. I was admitted in Naval Hospital INHS Ashwini.

  • I was in terrible pain at that time and was not in a condition to sit in one position for more than 2 minutes. I used to walk limply.

  • The doctors told me that the Intervertebral Disk between L4 and L5 has worn off and as a result L4 and L5 are touching each other which is causing all the trouble. Doctor advised me to go for operation but also told that it is a risky one.

During this time a friend of mine informed me about Gurudev and by Gurudev’s grace I was able to meditate. I sat in one position for half an hour during meditation when I was not able to sit in one position for more than two minutes.
— Sahab Singh
  • This helped me surrender to Gurudev completely. I took initiation in Spetember’2009.

  • Day by day I experienced deep meditation. I felt a lot of relief within seven days and I recovered completely in 15 days. Earlier I used to take injections and tablets for pain. When my pain disappeared by meditation and mantra chanting, I stopped taking them.

  • Doctors had advised me not to play games, run or carry weight. I am completely healthy now. I run for 5 Km every day, play games and do the all my duties in the army.

  • Earlier I was a non- vegetarian but now I don’t feel like taking it so have become pure vegetarian. Now I am trying my best to spread information about Gurudev Siyag to everyone as I want more and more people to benefit from it. Many salutations to my revered Gurudev!

Reference: Spiritual Science magazine December 2018


Chief Officer, Indian Coast Guard , Ashwini Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA

My humble obeisance’s to Gurudev!
I (Raghunath Singh) was admitted to Ashwini Hospital, Mumbai due to swelling in my liver and continuous pain in my hands.

In the medical ward, I was given a pamphlet about Siddha Yoga and I attended a Siddha Yoga class which is conducted on Monday’s.
— Raghunath Singh
  • In that class, after informing us about the transformation which occurs in a human body by meditating on Gurudev Siiyag’s picture & chanting of the Sanjeevani Mantra, we were asked to meditate for 15 minutes. I felt very peaceful and light after meditating.

  • From next day the yogic movements started automatically during meditation. It continued during meditation for the next four to five days. Even when I do intense Mantra chanting the yogic kriyas start automatically.

  • I am perfectly alright now. By Gurudev’s grace, I am very happy and feel very light all the time.

Reference: Spiritual Science magazine November 2017


Chief Officer, Indian Coast Guard , Ashwini Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA

Thousands of Pranam to Gurudev!
I (Ganga Singh) was admitted to Ashwini hospital in March’2017. I was suffering from the problem of Chronic Myeloproliferative Neoplasm Essential.

Information about Siddha Yoga is given in the hospital premises itself. I also started practicing Siddha Yoga from April’2017.
— Ganga Singh
  • My platelets count was 5,07,000 in April’2017 but after meditating on Gurudev for 6 months when I got it tested again my report said that platelets count is now normal and it is 3,50,000.

  • I feel that all of my work gets done by Gurudev’s grace. Whatever I do, I first inform Gurudev about it and the work gets done. I feel very nice and peaceful after meditation. I bow to such an empowered, merciful Spiritual Master many times.

Reference: Spiritual Science Magazine- November 2017

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