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01. Why do we need a Guru?

When a human being is born, he is totally unaware of the worldly knowledge. He first of all learns about the physical world from his parents. His first Guru are his parents. The he goes to school to get further physical knowledge from the school teachers. This way as his knowledge grows, spiritual world starts attracting him.

02. Beginning of my Spiritual Life

I, in the initial stages of my life have been an atheist. I didn’t believe in any such power called GOD. I believed only in the power of human beings because at the very beginning of my job, I came in touch with people who worked for Worker’s Union.

03. Intoxication due to God’s name is a Reality

I can see that the people of this age, when they read or hear about ‘Naam Khumari’ (Intoxication due to divine name) or ‘Naam Amaal’ mentioned by Saint Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, they are not able to believe it.

04. Salvation is possible only by worshipping Krishna

Human species is the best among all kinds of living beings. Human body is the best form of GOD. Direct experience of GOD and Self realization is possible only in human body and liberation is impossible without it.

05. Why is the prayer not answered?

This way the awakening of only the first soul is difficult.Just the way it doesn’t take time to lit a number of lamps once the first one is lit, in the same way one lit lamp can remove the darkness in the world by lighting up countless lamps.

06. Future of India

India remained a slave for centuries which led to darkness setting here on this holy land. Except for ‘Vedantis’, followers of all the religions of the world have until now developed till ‘Dwait-Bhav’ (Duality). Today in India also ‘Dwait-Bhav’(State of duality) is popular.

07. Why have the people of this era lost faith in the power of ‘Mantra’?

The origin of ‘word’ is a gift of the Supreme Power. Every letter represents power of some kind. All the powers exist within the human body. Each kind of power has its distinct location in the body.

08. Initiation (Diksha)

In the Master-disciple (Guru-Shishya) tradition, initiation is a rule. Among all types of initiations, ‘Shaktipat’ initiation is the best. In ‘Shaktipat’ initiation, Guru by his own wish awakens the kundalini of the seeker by any one of the four ways- 1) By touch 2) By sight 3) By word (Mantra) 4) By resolve.

09. This Whole World Is A Vast Image Of Only One Supreme Power

Bhagawan Shri Krishna has clearly mentioned in the 39th Shlok (Verse) of Chapter 10 in ‘Geeta’ (An Indian Scripture) Yaccapi sarva-bhutanam bijam tad aham arjuna Na
tadasti vina yatsyanmaya bhutam caracaram (10:39)

10. Spiritual Awakening in India

The spiritual world in India is in complete darkness right now. Till the common citizens of India accept this weakness from within and try to get rid off it by collective efforts, this terrible darkness is not going to be dispelled.

11. Spiritual Life doesn’t mean giving up material world

In this era spiritual life has been explained in a very strange way. Because of this imaginary and untrue description of spiritual life, people of this era consider spirituality as meaningless and a pretense.

12. How does spiritual consciousness spread?

Spiritual consciousness spreads by the efforts of divine power. The efforts made by human intelligence cannot be meaningful in it. Human effort can maximum be described as publicity with the help of scientific equipments.

13. What really are the religious preachers of this era? Religious Teachers, History Lecturer or Charan-Bhatt?

At this time the condition of all the religious preachers of all the religions is the same. All of them sing the glories of the avatars, prophets and saints of the past.

14. Sanjeevani Mantra

All the major religions in the world, despite their intrinsic mutual differences, hold a unanimous view that the entire universe with its animate and inanimate parts was created out of a divine word. The Hindu or Vedic religion is no exception to this concept of God being the divine word of our origin. It acknowledges Om as the sacred syllable — the divine sound out of which God created this universe.

15. Distributing Eternal Bliss

From the very beginning, I have made it clear that I have never ever studied any religious scriptures. Human effort or intellect didn’t play any role in whatever I have received. I kept receiving everything unintentionally.

16. What is salvation? Why is it necessary to attain it?

We can see that everything in the world is perishable. All of our saints have said that HE is immortal. Without attaining him, absolute peace is impossible.

17. Youth is the Time to gain Spiritual Knowledge.

The rules for doing work in human life have been decided according to his progressive development. Keeping in mind the physical and intellectual growth, the entire human life has been decided into four ‘ashram’ (stages) - Brahmcharya, Grahasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyaas.

18. The Revelation of Saint John

The last part of the Bible is actually the soul of the Bible. Saint John was a very great saint. He was the spiritual master of Jesus Christ. The way our history informs us that Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna had to accept Guru.

19. Every Being in this World is Entitled to the Grace of God.

Amongst all the living beings in this world, the human being is the supreme. Salvation can be attained only through human life. The human species is at such a turning point from where if he performs good deeds then by continuously ascending

20. What is Guru?

We can see that everything in the world is perishable. All of our saints have said that HE is immortal. Without attaining him, absolute peace is impossible.

21. It is possible to prove past birth and foreboding.

If a disciple is a spiritualist in a true sense then he is directly connected to the Soul and the Super Soul element within his body. This element is responsible for everything in this world. That is why it is possible to have knowledge of the past and future.


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