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Youth is the time to gain Spiritual knowledge
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The rules for doing work in human life have been decided according to his progressive development. Keeping in mind the physical and intellectual growth, the entire human life has been divided into four ‘ashram’ (stages) - Brahmcharya, Grahasth, Vaanprasth and Sanyaas. The rule has been set to gain physical and spiritual knowledge while following the rules and regulations of Brahmcharya (abstaining from external and sexual desires) in the first 25 years of life.

  • In the final two or three years of student life (Brahmcharya), complete knowledge of Vedic and Yoga philosophy was given in a complete manner so that he is able to live a wholesome life in the next three stages of human life; means while living physically, mentally and intellectually a healthy life, he is able to live a meaningful life. The next 25 years were decided to live the life of a ‘Grahasth’ (householder). After that the next 25 years were decided for following the rules of ‘Vaanprasth’. In ‘Vaanprasth, while leading the life of a householder one followed the rules of ‘Brahmcharya’ and used to guide his children by imparting the complete knowledge that he had earned.

  • In this way, his children who were in ‘Brhamcharya’ or ‘Grahsth’ ashram, used to attain complete practical knowledge for leading a meaning life. After Vaanprashth stage, man would renounce the life of householder completely and go to the forest to live the life of a ‘Sannyasi’ (ascetic).

  • The above arrangement must have been in the ‘Treta’ and Dwapar’ age, when the ability of man and the worldly environment was completely conducive. In those ages, the ‘tamsic’ tendencies were not so prominent, so the man’s character was very bright. But since the time of Kaliyug (Iron age) has started, the ‘tamsic’ tendencies have torn apart all the religions. Man has become completely willful. The dignity and decorum of life has been torn apart.

  • The Vedic and Yoga philosophy we talk about has mostly disappeared from life in a practical way. Today both of our above philosophies are just imprisoned in texts. Until this knowledge is freed and proven in the laboratory of human-body, it is impossible to lead a meaningful life. Because of the attributes of time, the yoga philosophy has almost disappeared. ‘Saankhya’ Philosophy is progressing day by day. The ‘tamsic’ tendencies have full control over all of their achievements. That is why they are used by these tendencies for their own selfish motives. In such a situation, human peace is merely a pleasing dream.

  • Because of ‘tamsic’ tendencies, God has become a subject of imagination. The truth of life has disappeared. It has become an acceptable principle that the time to attain spiritual knowledge is only old age. What kind of misconception has been spread as if spiritual knowledge is a hindrance in practical life? If that God is not meaningful practically in material life then what good is, He in the old age? All the body parts become weak in the old age. One suffers from many kinds of diseases. The mind will be attentive only towards those problems, God cannot be remembered. So, youth is the right time to attain knowledge of all kinds.

The spiritual knowledge makes a man capable of living a completely meaning life. Our religion has fallen only because of the misconception that has spread in our religion.
  • When for the first time some polytechnic and medical students came to me, they asked me what kind of science is Spiritual-Science and what is its meaning in the human life? I said, “Where Physical Science ends, the Spiritual Science begins from there. Your Science is imprisoned in a test tube. The test tube of our Science is the entire universe.” They didn’t like what I said.

  • They said sarcastically, “Our Science has reached up to the moon and you people have reached the abyss and you say that an imaginary knowledge like Spiritual Science is higher.”

  • I said, “Son, what you said is all right but where there is truth, there it is, as I said.” They got more agitated by this and pointing towards me by their hands said, “Have you set out to tell the truth? What are the other ‘mathadheesh’ (abbots) doing?

  • I knew it very well that I will have to hear such things. I said, “Son, whatever certificate you will give me, I will accept it happily but before that listen to me.” They became quiet and ready to listen and understand me.

After explaining about the great Science of Kundalini, Yoga philosophy and Shaktipat, I gave them some books related to it. They took the books to their hostel with them. Many of their friends also read them. After this about 25-26 students came to me and said, “We will not believe whatever is written in books unless and until we experience it.”
  • I said no one will believe it. They started meditating according to the way I explained the method of meditation. The moment their minds quietened, they started getting some pleasure and the moment they were mentally ready the wave of ‘Shaktipat’ entered in them and everyone started experiencing Yogic Kriyas automatically.

  • After about half an hour, the yogic kriyas stopped. I asked them, “What kind of exercises you all started doing? Is my room a play ground?” The boys were perplexed. They said, “We didn’t do anything. This happened against our will.” I said, “I was watching. You were doing it.”

  • They said, “We were meditating by focussing on ‘agyachakra’ after closing our eyes according to your instructions, when suddenly these yogic kriyas were induced automatically from within. We tried to open our eyes too, but we couldn’t. We tried to stop it, but we couldn’t.” Then we thought that let it happen. They were occurring because of someone who was directing from within. We couldn’t see who was giving the direction.

Then I said that this means that there is such a power within you that can make you dance according to its will. They accepted it. They said that there is no room left to argue on this. I said, “Then make a great friendship with the one within you, he will tell you a lot of things.”
  • After this, they used to come every day in the evening between 5 and 6 and meditate and mostly all of them used to experience different kinds of yogic movements. The moment Kundalini reached near ‘agyachakra’, pranayama started occurring on its own.

  • Then I said that you cannot attain ‘samadhi’ without the ‘mantra deeksha’. One can reach up to ‘agyachakra’ even by ‘Hath yoga’ but to pierce ‘agyachakra’ in order to reach the world of ‘Parbrahm’ (Sat+Chit+Anand= Satchitanand), it is utmost necessary to chant an appropriate mantra along with meditation.

By then they were all mentally ready. They attained ‘samadhi’ only after a few days of taking initiation. Then one day I said to them, “Son, now you can give whatever certificate you want, I will accept it happily.” They felt ashamed and said, “Guruji, whatever you may say but we were innocent.” Is this knowledge being imparted in India’s spiritual world?
  • So, it is my belief that when millions of youths of the world will do research on the Physical Science after expanding their inner consciousness, innumerable problems of the Physical Science will be resolved.

  • I give mass initiation. Not even a second is required by that Supreme Power to awaken the consciousness of millions of people. If one lakh people are sitting in front of me to take initiation then all the positive-minded people among them will be awakened at once irrespective of how large they are in number. World peace is impossible without mass Shaktipat initiation.

  • So, I lovingly invite all the positive-minded men and women of the world.