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America has got a Phobia
May 4, 2003
Mumbai, India
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Phobia is a disease whose cure has not been found so far by physical science. It is an inexplicable fear and anxiety disorder. One of my disciples, a young boy of barely 25-26 years, was suffering from a phobia for the last 7 to 8 years. He meditated on my photo at his friend’s place for two to three days on his Third Eye spot and he was completely cured of this incurable disease.

  • Similarly, another disciple, Shri Madan Golacha, a ‘Terapanthi Jain’ was also completely cured after taking initiation from me in Jodhpur. He is from the Barmer district in Rajasthan and has a readymade garments business in Ahmedabad. A Jaipur University professor came to me as he had a phobia of death. He told me that due to a certain constellation of planets in his horoscope, he was going to die on a certain day within a month. I told him who gives a guarantee of one month’s life? He is still alive although this happened about a year back.

  • Just by meditating on my photo at ‘Agyachakra’, people suffering from an incurable disease like AIDS have shown tremendous improvement and they have been completely cured after taking initiation from me. If merely by meditating on my photo, mankind is freed from a disease like AIDS then the virus of AIDS will be completely eliminated from the world.

  • To date, mankind has suffered due to two tendencies, ‘Adhi-Daihik’ (Physical disease) and ‘Adhi-Bhoutik’ (Mental disease). It is because of these two tendencies that mankind has suffered from different kinds of diseases in the world. Since 1991, mankind has come in the grip of ‘Adhi-Daivik’ (Spiritual disease) sufferings that appeared before the world in the form of the 11 September 2001 attacks.

  • ‘Adhi-Daivik’ problems can be called ‘Viral Disease’ in the language of science. Physical science is able to treat the diseases created by the first two types of tendencies to some extent but it is not capable of treating the viral diseases to date.

  • The diseases created by this tendency (Adhi-Daivik) have shaken the world. The virus of the Middle East has started bloody violence in the world. This virus is so powerful that it is not scared of death. Therefore, the entire world is very scared of it as mankind is fearful of death.

  • If such a difficult situation arises for any caste, religion, or nation that it cannot bear, then chances are that it will lose its mental balance. This can be called a viral disease in the language of physical science because it has no cure. By this, the people of that country, religion or caste develop an unknown fear of death. They are gripped with this fear round the clock. As a result, they suffer from several physical and mental diseases.

  • A strong and powerful country like America is also trembling with fear by the virus that originated in the Middle East and has lost its balance. It is very important to free America from this fear of death for the sake of world peace.

  • This job can be carried out by Vedic religion that is based on the principle of ‘Ahinsa Parmo- Dharmah’ (Non-violence is the most supreme ‘Dharma’). Hence, it is the duty of the followers of Vedanta (Vedantis) to free America from this fear only then complete peace will be possible in the world.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • The virus, that can overcome the virus of phobia, has become active in India. To be free from the grip of phobia’s virus, America will have to come to India’s refuge, the land of ‘Avatars’.