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What is religion?
Feb 4, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

In the present times, all the religious teachers are using logic, oratory and ostentation to teach spirituality in the world. They are describing religion in such a twisted manner that religion today has merely become like a lifeless corpse. How can lifeless religion benefit others?

  • The religious teachers of all religions have made it merely their business. Economical and political gains are being made on the basis of religion. It appears as if all these religious teachers firmly believe that there is no power by the name of God that exists in the world, they have spread a false notion among the people on the basis of which they are able to exploit them to the maximum.

  • All religious teachers are robbing people by giving them false hope of meeting God in the next life. They are now even giving certificates confirming the pardoning of sins on the basis of money. What could be a greater sin than this? If even under such circumstances, God does not descend, one should understand that the time of the holocaust is near.

  • The kind of loot, injustice and atrocities that are flourishing today in the name of religion has never happened before. Our history tells us that whenever such a situation has arisen, God has descended.

  • Describing religion, our Rishis clearly said that it is a subject of direct experience and realization. Religion has nothing to do with ostentation, oratory, logic, or superstition.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • In the last century, Swami Vivekanand appeared as a spiritual master in the world. In the US, while describing religion he said, “There is no attempt to believe in different sects or doctrines in the Hindu religion instead it is a religion of direct experience and Self-realization. Hindu religion is not just the name of faith. Its core teaching is to firmly believe that I am a soul and then become one.”

  • In this relation Swami Ji further said, “This important and powerful voice of realization has emerged from the spiritual sky of India only. It is only our Vedic religion that proclaims again and again that God can be seen, He can be directly realized and salvation is possible. Memorizing a few words like a parrot is not going to work.”

  • Swami Ji said, “If there is no direct experience in a religion, it is not fit to be called a religion.” Is there any religious teacher of any religion in the world who can repeat the above? Today, these religious teachers are only confusing the people of the world by describing God and religion according to their own logic.

  • No one has the courage to talk about direct experience and Self-realization. A class of such people has emerged in the world who pronounce to be the sole proprietor of God and religion. If you wish to enter the spiritual world, you cannot do so without first obtaining a certificate from them. They charge you heavily for that certificate and thereafter you will have to walk the path told by them. The beliefs maintained by that religion is considered in accordance with religious principles and the rest all are the road to hell.

  • In the present times, from begging to killing anyone can be freely done in the name of religion. What a terrible form has been given to the religion by the man of this era! The man of this era doesn’t hesitate to commit even the most heinous acts for the sake of money in the guise of religion. In such a situation, how are peace, love, and kindness possible?