India remained a slave for centuries which led to darkness setting here on this holy land. Except for ‘Vedantis’, followers of all the religions of the world have until now developed till ‘Dwait-Bhav’ (Duality).

  • Today in India also ‘Dwait-Bhav’(State of duality) is popular. According to Philosophy, centuries back, India had developed to AdvaitBhav’(Non-dualistic state ).This fact also gets verified as being true by our religious scriptures.

There is an absolute principle of nature- Rise and Fall. There is a limit to downfall as well. India has reached that limit.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

  • In this relation Maharishi Sri Aurobindo has said, The sun of India’s destiny has risen. Now it is moving up. The time period of downfall is over. Now the morning is approaching and once the light spreads then night can never set in. The morning will soon set in and the sun will be seen rising over the horizon. The sun of India’s destiny will rise and fill the entire India with its light.

  • Not only India, Asia and the entire world as well will be filled with its light. Passing of every second and every moment is bringing it near the day of revolution and splendour, the permission for which has been granted by GOD.

  • The time period of downfall is over. New India is rising. It is becoming conscious and is getting ready to occupy its due place in the league of nations.

The way Maharishi Shri Arvind has closely seen India and the entire world through insight, few people have seen that. Shri Arvind has foretold that,” Future mankind will have divine body.” This means that mankind according to the principle of ‘Advaitwaad’(Non-dualism), with gradual development will reach its final stage of evolution.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

  • Forced by the conditions, I started the ‘Anushthan’ of ‘Gayatri mantra’ (chanting of the mantra One lakh twenty-five thousand times in a prescribed manner) from the beginning of ‘Navratri’ of winters in the year 1968. I completed the chanting of the mantra one lakh twenty-five thousand times along with giving the ‘aahuti’ in the sacrificial fire after each chant. I got the ‘Gayatri Mantra Siddhi’ in the beginning of the year 1969.

  • Because of this transformation within me, the divine change in mankind is coming through me. Seeing this divine transformation in mankind in future, Shri Maharishi Aurobindo had predicted,” Future mankind will have divine body”

  • Since this development is universal, therefore the entire world will be affected by it.

Why did Shri Ram Krishna Paramhansa had cancer?

  • A disciple asked Shri Arvind,” It is said that Shri Ramkrishna Paramhansa got cancer due to the sins of his disciples?”

  • Sri Aurobindo said that yes, this was told by Shri RamKrishna himself. And this should be true only. Do you know that Shri Ramkrishna had spoken for and against this and had said that Spiritual master has to take a lot of things on himself?

  • A famous Yogi said to his disciple when he was going to become a spiritual master,” Now you are taking the problems of others too on yourself apart from having your own.”

  • Yes, if the spiritual master wants, he can cut off his relation with his disciples, then he will not face any difficulties but then this will also mean that work will not progress and the disciples will be left on their fate without any support.


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