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Every being in this world is entitled to God's grace.
February 5, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Amongst all the living beings in this world, the human being is the most supreme. Salvation can be attained by a being only in the human form. The human species is such a junction from where if the being does good deeds, he can continuously ascend and ultimately attain salvation and if he starts falling by doing bad deeds then he gets the human form only after going through 8.4 million species.

  • This way if the human life is wasted by him, it can be understood that the result of his deeds is extremely bad. The outcome of action is very intense. Except for God, no one else is capable of understanding it. There are two easy ways to attain God in Kaliyug (Iron Age)- 1. By constantly chanting the name of God 2. Charity.

  • Through show-offs and publicity, the man of this era understands that he is a true spiritualist whereas this path is not at all of show-offs. Our sages have immensely sung the glories of God. The divine name is highly miraculous in this age.

  • Saint Kabirdas Ji while singing the glories of divine name said, “The intoxicating joy one gets by chanting the divine name doesn’t wear off. The intoxication due to drugs gradually wears off but the intoxication due to God’s name increases day by day.”

  • Saint Satguru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj also sung the glories of God as, “The intoxication due to drugs wears off by the next morning but the intoxication due to God’s name stays forever.”

  • Goswami Tulsidas Ji also said, “Chanting the divine name is the only recourse in Kaliyug (Iron age). By chanting the divine name, one is delivered from the cycle of birth and death.”

The man of this era by labelling ‘naam khumari’ and ‘naam amaal’ as superlatives, is feeling proud of his trivial knowledge.
  • In our religion, the position of Guru has been considered very high. It is impossible to sing the glories of Guru. This becomes clear from the following couplet-

  • “Guru and God both are standing, whom should I bow down? I bow to my Guru, by whose grace I met the divine.”

  • The above couplet reflects the dignity of Guru’s position. The great saint Meerabai in this relation said, “If I am asked to choose between the Guru and God, I will choose Guru because Guru has the power to unite me with God. If I leave Guru and choose God, and if by some reason I get separated from God then it would be impossible to unite with him again.”

  • Swami Vivekanand Ji also said that it is impossible to progress in the spiritual world without a Guru, but it is very difficult to get a true Guru in this era.

  • From 1967 to 1982, I also used to say- “What is the need of a Guru between me and God?” In these 15 years, my coffers were overfilled with spiritual wealth but I was not in a position to spend even a dime out of it. In 1983, the moment I got the good fortune of meeting my spiritual master saint Satgurudev Shri Gangainath Ji Maharaj, things changed drastically. My Gurudev without any reason handed over the key of the coffer that was filled with spiritual wealth. I got so perplexed by this situation that I was not able to understand how I should meaningfully spend this wealth.

I had not even composed myself when on the cruel night of 31st December 1983 that great soul departed physically from this world. After this for two years (up to August 1985), I lost my mind and wandered aimlessly like a mad man.
  • From 23 August 1983 to 06 August 1985, I was absent from my workplace without any reason. Then I joined back. When I went to Jamsar and worshipped at the ‘samadhi’ of my Guru, I reached another world. When I regained my composure, I was astonished to find that Gurudev had bestowed an infinite spiritual wealth of generations of spiritual masters to me without any reason. Even today I am not able to understand how much spiritual wealth do I have and how should I use it meaningfully. But I am assured by one thing that even today Gurudev guides me at every step.

  • By Guru’s grace, people who connect with me spiritually are able to experience bliss of ‘naam khumari’ and ‘naam amal’ (intoxication by chanting the divine name). I have no power. This is happening due to Gurudev’s blessings and God’s grace. I have no illusion about this. I understand it very well that this spiritual power accumulated by innumerable spiritual masters has been fortuitously inherited by me through Gurudev. I neither have the sentiments not the words to express Guru’s grace. So, it is beyond my ability to describe Guru’s grace.

  • The other method to attain salvation is through charity. Our saints have said that in Kaliyug (Iron Age), charity alone is religion. Austerities and practice of yoga is not possible in this age. While describing charity, our saints have said that of all kinds of charity, spiritual charity is the best. Next is the charity of sacrificing life. Least effective is the charity of food and clothes.

In this relation, sage Vyas Ji also said that charity of spiritual knowledge is supreme. Impressed by the above facts, I have set out in the world to donate the immense spiritual knowledge earned by my Gurus. There is nothing which belongs to me in this. Whatever I will distribute, its benefit will go to those saintly souls. I am just their servant. So, I am entitled only to the wages of this job.
  • No one is the master of God. HE alone is everyone’s master. So, the class of people who consider only themselves entitled to this are misguiding the people of the world. In this relation, saint Vatsyayan has clearly said, “The one who has experienced religion; he can be a Rishi in spite of belonging to the lower class. That is why in the ancient times, the son of a prostitute, Vashisht, son of a fisherman, Vyas, son of a maid servant, Narad etc. were known as ‘Prabhriti Rishi’.

  • Saints like Valmiki, Raidas, and Kabir etc. have proven that the one, who remembers God, ultimately belongs to God and the caste doesn’t play any role here. The time is not far when piercing the extreme darkness of ‘Tamas’, the Sun of religion will rise and will completely destroy the ‘tamsic’ tendencies of the world. In this way, in the words of Shri Aurobindo, “The heaven will descend on earth.”