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The True Nature of Spiritualism
March 12, 1990
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Today, a strange kind of condition exists for spirituality in all the religions of the world. In every religion, a particular class has maintained a monopoly on it. That particular class has kept its daily routine, lifestyle, attire and food habits different from the common man of the world so that people can recognize them immediately and they can get due respect.

  • In order to get respect and honor, a special type of attire and show-off is resorted to in every religion. This class tries to keep itself apart from the common man in society. In this way, the spiritualists of all religions have formed a separate organization. Because of their selfish motives, such organizations have broken into several parts. God is one but organizations are countless. All of them constantly try to criticize and condemn each other. All of them are trying to prove that they are the only true representatives of God. In this way, they have divided the mankind like the herd of sheep. In order to recognize their followers, they have made distinct attires, and principles.

  • Religion is a subject of direct experience and realization but this has disappeared from most religions. The religious preachers are trying tirelessly to keep it alive by glorifying the past yet the situation is deteriorating. The common man’s faith in the religions of the world is dying at a very fast pace.

  • The effort is on to keep their respective organization alive through money-power and unity yet the outcome is otherwise. In such a situation, for how long will these religious preachers be able to keep their organizations alive? As soon as the true nature of religion will begin to appear, it won’t take long before their existence is wiped out.

  • Describing ‘Spiritualism’, Maharishi Aurobindo said,
    "In a purely spiritual life, there is a place for everything."

    To further clarify this point, he said,
    "Every act in life is more or less filled with spirituality."
  • It is clear from this that with time such kind of shortcomings have come in all the religions of today due to which the common man has turned away from religion. Spiritualism is not the property of any particular class; every human being of every religion has equal rights to it. Until the ‘Sanatan Dharm’ does not become the world’s religion, peace is impossible in the world.

  • In this relation, Maharishi Aurobindo has clearly said:

  • “You (India) are not required to progress like other nations; you are not required to suppress and exploit others like them. You have to rise so that you can raise the world. The knowledge that our Rishis attained is coming back, that has to be given to the entire world.”

    From the above, it becomes clear that only India is capable of giving Spirituality to the world.

  • In this context, the Mother (Shri Maa) has very clearly stated:

  • “All the problems of the world have become concentrated in India and once they are resolved, the burden of the whole world will lighten.”

  • The ‘Nivritti Marg’ (Sannyas) is not the only path to spirituality. The Bhagwat Geeta clearly tells us that the ‘Pravritti Marg’ (Householder’s life) is very easy. By acting on the principles of ‘Nishkaam Karm Yoga’ (work without expectation), one can easily attain liberation. Leaving such an easy path, nowadays there is more publicity of ‘Nivritti Marg’ (Sannyas), as today, the world is totally under the influence of ‘Tamsik’ forces. The influence of the Tamsik forces is the maximum in India. It has settled down here in a solid form. When anything reaches its extreme, its downfall is confirmed.

  • The intense darkness in India is clearly an indication that that divine light is about to appear on this part of the earth that will dispel the darkness of the entire world.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag