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Why have the people of this era lost faith in the power of ‘Mantra’?
March 8, 1998
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The origin of ‘word’ is a gift of the Supreme Power. Every letter represents power of some kind. All the powers exist within the human body. Each kind of power has its distinct location in the body. So, by chanting a suitable ‘mantra’ while concentrating on the ‘mantra’s defined location in the body, that power gets awakened in due course of time. The master-disciple tradition in our religion throws detailed light on this.

  • The disciple doesn’t need to ‘siddha’ the mantra that has been received from an enlightened spiritual master. In a few days only the power of such a mantra starts making its presence felt very distinctly.

  • The person who has taken initiation from an enlightened spiritual master and the spiritual master has left after transferring all his powers to him by means of ‘Shaktipat’, only such a person is entitled to give ‘mantra’ initiation. When such a person gives ‘mantra’ initiation, then that power works for the welfare of mankind.

But if the Guru who is giving the ‘mantra’ initiation is not enlightened then the power of that mantra will never emerge.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 8, 1998
  • If because of afflictions in life, the concentration while chanting the ‘mantra’ is intensethen instead of benefit, the chances of getting harmed are more because when the power of that mantra gets awakened then in the absence of the grace of an enlightened master, the person will not be able to bear the power of the ‘mantra’ so, the chances of getting afflicted with various types of mental diseases are more.

  • If the enlightened spiritual master has given the ’mantra’ initiation then that power cannot harm in anyway. Nowadays people gather knowledge about‘mantra’ from books and do the chanting. Such a lifeless ‘mantra’ can neither harm or benefit in anyway. In this way, when people do not get any result after chanting for a long period of time, they believe that the talks about the power of ‘mantra-tantra’ is imaginary and misleading.

  • They think that mantra can neither harm or do any good for humanity. Since there is acute shortage of Spiritual Masters of ‘Sattvik Jagat’(virtuous world), this power is almost on the verge of disappearing. The ‘Sattavik Shaktiya’(Virtuous powers) do not have the power to cause any harm to humans. God has given them power to do only good.

The people who worship ‘Tamsik Shakti’ (dark, evil powers) are running their business in the name of some well known ‘Sattvik Shakti’(virtuous power).

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 8, 1998
  • The people who worship ‘Tamsik Shakti’ (dark, evil powers) are running their business in the name of some well known ‘Sattvik Shakti’(virtuous power). They are duping people in the name of ‘mantra-tantra’, ‘Tabiz’, black magic etc. Since this kind of people have sway in this era, people do not believe in ‘Naam Khumari’(intoxication by mantra chanting), what to do?


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