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Consciousness is not possible without Self-realization
February 27, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The man of today doesn’t believe in any meaningless talk that doesn’t give any result. The scientific achievements have given awareness to the man of this age. He demands instant results.

  • Any kind of worship that is not going to give any result in life has been completely rejected by the man of this age. Hence, the man of today is not accepting any kind of prevalent method of worship in any religion. The youth of today has lost faith in all the religious preachers of all religions. With the support of a few old and illiterate people, all the religions are now breathing their last. Even to gather these people, a lot of publicity and money is being used. In this way, breathing their last, all religions are very near to their end. Nature doesn’t leave any place vacant. Just like, even before an old man dies a young man is ready to take his place, a similar kind of change occurs in nature in all the things.

  • The pace is life. Every thing in this world is in constant motion. The power of creation belongs to the time of youth. This principle applies to everything in the world. Any powerless thing more or less loses its capacity to create. In such a situation, it is now the last moments of the meaningless and almost dead methods of worship prevalent in all religions. Nature will surely manifest a new Power at the right time to fulfill this vacant space for the welfare of the people of the world.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo has given a clear indication in this regard. It is possible to Self-realize and directly experience God. The path that has been shown by Maharishi Aurobindo is the only path and there is no other way. It is not possible to attain God even in countless births by outward spiritual practices. I am also having these experiences for years and after the heavenly departure of my Guru, people who are associating with me are also having similar experiences as described by Maharishi Aurobindo.

  • If God is there then there must be a way to experience HIM, to see Him. No matter how difficult that path may be, I have firmly decided to tread that path. Hindu religion says that that path is within one’s own body. The rules to tread that path have also been shown. I have started following those rules. Within a month, I have experienced that what is written in the Hindu religion is not a lie. I am attaining all those signs that have been explained in it.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • Why did Shri Aurobindo want to do this work? In this regard, it has been clearly stated by him, “I am not doing anything for myself because I neither require salvation for myself nor an Overmind Siddhi. The effort that I am applying to get this ‘Siddhi’ is only because it is necessary for this task to happen in the terrestrial consciousness.”

  • From the above, it becomes clear that all the great saints have done nothing for themselves. They find the path to reach the Supreme Power for the welfare of the people. Such merciful and well-wishing saints and Sat-Guru’s are capable of benefitting the world. They never let anyone have even a glimpse of what they are doing in their lifetime. After finding the path to attain the Supreme Power and realizing HIM, they merge in HIM. Before departing from the world, they hand over their supreme spiritual power to someone who is worthy of it and who can use it for the welfare of the people of the world. This is true sacrifice. They give away their spiritual powers earned during their lifetime selflessly for the benefit of the world and leave the world quietly. ‘Tamsik’ tendencies like pride, greed or pretence of any kind cannot dare to come near them.