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It is possible to prove past birth and foreboding.
December 3, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

If a disciple is a spiritualist in a true sense then he is directly connected to the Soul and the Super Soul element within his body. This element is responsible for everything in this world. That is why it is possible to have knowledge of the past and future.

  • Bhagwan Shri Krishna in the Geeta in verse 7th and 8th of chapter 15 said, “The embodied souls in this material world are My eternal fragmental parts. But bound by material nature, they are struggling with the six senses including the mind.” (15:7) “As the air carries fragrance from place to place, so does the embodied soul carry the mind and senses with it, when it leaves an old body and enters a new one.” (15:8)

  • From the above verses it becomes clear that a direct realization of the soul means realization of God because the soul is an eternal part of God, so it is immortal. All the physical bodies that he has inhabited in the past and all the bodies he is going to inhabit in future, to continue the pace of the world, it is possible to have knowledge of all of that.

  • Bhagwan Shri Krishna in the 26th verse of chapter seven in the Geeta said, “Arjuna, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows.” (7:26)

  • From the above verse, it becomes clear that the one who knows the God element alone can know the past and the future.

  • In this age, all the religious teachers have made religion their business because of the qualities of this age (Dark age). The religious scriptures say something and these religious teachers by the strength of their cunningness and logic are explaining something else to people. Because this so-called knowledge is not giving any result to people, that is why people are losing faith in these religious teachers. As the religious teachers have made it their means of livelihood that is why they are compelled to continue with it.

  • Because of these fanatic religious tendencies, the revolt started against religion. The progress of physical science worsened the position of these teachers even further. That is why the only element got divided in the form of spiritual and physical. Conflict and animosity between the two groups continued to grow. Because physical science is a reality and the truth, attracts the truth, so the people of the world left spirituality and started looking for peace and happiness through physical science.

All kinds of physical comforts were made available to man by Physical Science but the mankind still didn’t get peace and happiness. As Science progressed, unrest increased. The reality of today’s world has forced the scientific people to ponder deeply. Today science is quietly accepting that apart from the physical means there are other means to gain knowledge.
  • This is a good sign. The truth lovers and those who test the truth can only progress in this field and give something to the world. People are now disappointed with all the spiritual teachers from whom earlier they had expectations. People are now totally disappointed by mere preaching, ritualistic show-off, pretense, web of words, logic and superstition. Conversely, extreme unrest and violence in scientifically progressing countries have left people fearful. That is why they are also forced to look for another way to find peace.

  • While giving a discourse in the US, Swami Vivekanand said, “It is not in the Hindu religion to try to believe different opinions or principles instead it is a religion of self-realization and direct experience. Hindu religion is not just a religion of faith. The main principle of the Hindu religion is the belief that I am a soul and then to become one with it.”

  • Self-realization and direct experience have completely disappeared from our religion today. This was the soul of the religion. So, in its absence, the lifeless religion is not in a position to benefit the man in any way.

  • ‘Change’ is an unyielding principle of nature. No power can affect it. This has been going on since time immemorial so there is no point in being disappointed. The struggle between the darkness and light has been going on within us since eternity. The God of the night never wants the light to come still the system of day and night is there since ages. We must honestly acknowledge our weaknesses and begin the research work in the spiritual world. Just as Physical Science starts giving results immediately, so does its father, Spiritual Science.

All the deals in this world are in cash. There is no room for lending here. People have turned their backs to religion in the absence of any result. Spiritual Science is the father of Physical Science. The entire universe has come from that Supreme Power. How can there be any animosity between father and son? This artificial animosity has only brought the world to the state of present unrest. In this relation, Maharishi has clearly said, “For a complete spiritual life, every work is important.” This means every work in life is more or less filled with spirituality. After the Vedic period, man constantly drifted away from that Supreme Power.
  • Today’s man is standing at the farthest distance from the Supreme Power due to that drifting process. With the artificial downfall, we have started looking towards heaven instead of this world. Women, who constitute half of the society, have been disabled. She is forbidden to do many things in spiritual field. Only due to this injustice to the universal mother, the world is so sad today. All the forms of the woman-the form of mother or sister, or grandmother, etc. have been forgotten and she is being treated only as an object of enjoyment. The man of the world has made the universal mother so miserable that she has been transported to the abyss. The kind of form that most of our religious teachers have made of wealth and women is the cause of suffering.

  • Apart from this, they have made the practices of worship in such a way that women, due to their physical creation are unable to do it. Until the real face of religion is not revealed, progress and peace are impossible in this field.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo wrote a letter to Mrinalini Devi- “If God is there, there must be a way to experience his existence, to realize him. No matter how difficult that path is, I have determined to go on that path. Hindu religion says that the path is within our own body and it has shown the rules to walk on that path too. I have started following all that. Within a month I have realized that all that is stated in the Hindu religion is not false. All those pointers which have been mentioned, I am attaining all of them.”

According to Maharishi Aurobindo, every human being can attain Siddhi by treading that path. Both men and women are equally entitled to walk on this path. According to my direct experience also, this is the only way by which it is possible to reach that supreme destination.
  • Most of the religions of the world accept the origin of the world from the ‘word’. In this relation, the Veda clearly says, “Come, let us reach that light which is of heaven; The light which cannot be broken into fragments.” The Veda clearly says that the knowledge (the bliss) which has been imprisoned by the ‘Tamsik’ tendencies, its liberation is possible only by the ‘enlightened word’ (prakashprad shabd). The Veda repeatedly talks about the divine bliss that comes from the divine light that emanates from the enlightened word.

  • In this context, Maharishi Aurobindo in the book ‘The Secret of the Veda wrote’, “The seers of the Vedas looked at love from its root place and found it in the form of a flow of divine bliss in mankind and accepted it.”

  • While explaining this universal spiritual bliss or the Vedantic bliss, the ‘Taitraye Upanishad’ says, “Love is at the top of it.” The meaning of the word ‘priyam’ which it has used for love is blissfulness from the inner happiness and contentment of the soul. The Vedic singers have used this psychological element. They have made a couple of ‘mayas and prayas’.

  • ‘Mayas’ is the inner bliss element that is free from all kinds of subjects and ‘prayas’ is the outer flow of that bliss in the form of happiness and comfort which the soul derives from objects and people. The Vedic pleasure is this divine bliss which brings with it a boon of experiencing purity and perfect happiness in all objects. Where has that ‘enlightened word’ by whose divine light divine bliss is experienced, disappeared from the world?

  • Until we don't make people physically experience this bliss in the world, it is not going to work. Bhagwan Shri Krishna has clearly spoken about this divine bliss and word in the Bhagwat Geeta. In relation to the creation of the universe from a word Bhagwan Shri Krishna in verse 23 of chapter 17 says, “The words “Om Tat Sat” have been declared as symbolic representations of the Supreme Absolute Truth, from the beginning of creation. From them came the Brahmanas, scriptures, and Yagna in the beginning of creation.”
  • From the above it becomes clear that the universe has been created from an enlightened word. The bliss that is derived from that word has been explained by Bhagwan Shri Krishna in verse 21st of the chapter 5 and verse 21st, 27th and 28th of chapter 6 in the Geeta.

  • Those who are not attached to external sense pleasures realize divine bliss in the self. Being united with God through Yoga, they experience unending happiness. (5:21) In that joyous state of Yoga, called samādhi, one experiences supreme boundless divine bliss, and thus situated, one never deviates from the Eternal Truth. (6:21) Great transcendental happiness comes to the yogi whose mind is calm, whose passions are subdued, who is without sin, and who sees everything in connection with God. (6:27) The self-controlled yogi, thus uniting the self with God, becomes free from material contamination, and being in constant touch with the Supreme, achieves the highest state of perfect happiness. (6:28)

  • Today, where has that happiness gone? The preachers and lecturers of the Geeta are preaching about sacrifice, austerities, good deeds, charity, heaven, hell. Why are they not making the people experience this basic element? No one can understand the preaching of the Bhagwad Geeta better than Arjun. What Arjun did after listening to the preaching, that is what the Geeta shows us. Where did Arjun do any kind of charity, austerities, or sacrifice after listening to the preaching in the Geeta?

  • According to the Vedic Science, human body is made of seven types of elements inside which the soul resides. These are- Annmayakosh (matter or food we eat), Pranmaykosh (life force), Manomaykosh (mind), Vigyanmaykosh (Intellect), Annandmaykosh (bliss), Chitmaykosh (consciousness), Satmaykosh (truth).

  • From Annmaykosh to Vigyanmaykosh, these four elements are related to physical power and from Anandmaykosh to Satmaykosh- the three are related to the Supreme Power, the ‘Satchitanand parbhrahm’. According to the Hindu philosophy, from ‘Mooladhar’ till ‘Agyachakra’, it is the area of Maya (the illusory power of God). This means from Annamaykosh to Vigyanmaykosh, it is Maya’s field. The three lokas above it- Satlok, Alakhlok, Agamlok are the abodes of that Supreme Power.

  • As soon as the soul rises up after piercing the Agyachakra, it leaves the field of Maya and enters the Anandmaykosh and with this the man starts experiencing the infinite divine bliss within. My spiritual master has brought down that bliss on the earth. Because of his grace, I am able to experience it directly. People who are getting connected with me from a spiritual perspective are also experiencing it directly which is getting proved in the physical world.
  • In this relation the holy book of Christians, the Bible also says the same thing which our scriptures say. About the creation of this world, Saint John from 1:1 to 4 said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

  • In relation to the infinite divine inner bliss described in the Vedas and Bhagwad Geeta, the psalm 23:5 in the Bible says, “This is an inner bliss which comes in the heart of all true believers. This bliss continues to stay in the heart and doesn’t come and go like the worldly happiness. His bliss is complete. He fills the bowl of our hearts with bliss till it doesn’t start overflowing. This bliss which flows in our hearts can flow out to others as well.”

  • Where has that divine bliss and divine light gone from the world? The ‘word’ from which all the religions accept the universe was created, why has it become impossible to directly experience and self realize that? The world has just been going on as usual. The four types of cells are there but the top three Sat+Chit+ Anand) have been lost. Till these three do not become easily available to a common man, knowledge will be ruled by ignorance. Physical science will be a subordinate to ‘tamsik’ tendencies and will obey their orders. The day physical science will start working under the orders of its father-the spiritual science, in Maharishi Aurobindo’s words, “Heaven will descend on earth.”

  • All the saints have sung the glories of God’s name. Bhagwan Shri Krishna also while describing His powers, in the Bhagwad Geeta in the 25 verse of chapter 10 said that chanting the divine name is the best sacrifice (yagya) and His power is present in it.
  • The great souls of Bengal- Chaitnya Mahaprabhu, Prabhu Jagatbandhu, Ramakrishna Paramhans and Saint and Spiritual Master Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, Saint Kabir Das Ji and all the other saints have said that chanting the divine name is the way to salvation.

  • Saint Satgurudev Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj while singing the glories of divine name said, “The intoxication due to drugs wears off by the next morning but the intoxication due to God’s name stays forever.”

  • Saint Kabir Das Ji has taken it to a next level when while singing the glories of God he says, “The intoxicating joy one gets by chanting the divine name doesn’t wear off. The intoxication due to drugs gradually wears off but the intoxication due to God’s name increases day by day.”

  • The divine bliss that the Vedas have described, the glories of which are there in the Bible, the eternal bliss explained in the Geeta by Bhagwan Shri Krishna, the intoxication by chanting the divine name, sung by all the saints- attaining that BLISS alone is the aim of spiritual practice.

  • Apart from this, all the other spiritual practices are under the effect of Maya’s field (The illusory power of God having three attributes-Tamasic, Rajasic, Sattvic).

  • Swami Vivekanand Ji went a step further and said, “The important and powerful voice of experiencing the Self has taken birth only in the spiritual sphere of India. It is only our Vedic religion that repeatedly says that one has to see God, one has to directly experience Him only then salvation is possible. Just memorizing a few words like a parrot is not going to work at all.” Swami Ji didn’t say these words on the spur of the moment. He was a visionary who could see the future. He knew it very well that India is going to prove these facts to the world in future. The voice of saints is never meaningless.

  • Because of the attributes of that era, due to the prominence of the ‘Tamsic’ tendencies, people do not understand it at that time. The predictions made by Maharishi Aurobindo in this relation prove what was stated by earlier saints.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo sacrificed his invaluable life to bring down that Supreme Power on earth. He reached the pinnacle of success during his life time. He made an announcement about the descent of that Supreme Power- “The 24th November 1926, was the descent of Shri Krishna into the physical. Shri Krishna is not the Supramental light. The descent of Krishna means the descent of the Overmind Godhead preparing, though not itself actually, the descent of Supermind and Ananda. Shri Krishna is blissful. He supports the evolution through the Overmind leading it towards the Ananda.”
  • The above is not a prediction but an announcement about the descent of a truth. According to Maharishi Aurobindo that Supreme Power with its stepwise evolution will start attracting the entire world. According to my direct experience that Supreme Power will start appearing from the beginning of 1982. It will spread to a large extent in India by 1992 and will spread in the entire world in the next three years.

  • Since spiritual knowledge is a subject of direct experience and realization, preaching and scriptures are not of much useful in this. Whatever I received, in that, preaching and scriptures have not contributed even one percent. The spiritual master is a physical form of the formless universal power ‘Brahm’. Without Guru’s grace it is impossible to enter the spiritual world.

  • I had to do various kinds of spiritual practices from 1967 to 1982 out of compulsion. Till date whatever spiritual practices I did and those that I am doing now, all I had to do due to circumstances. For each, I am getting a new result. By God’s grace and blessings of my Gurudev I am getting direction and guidance at every step.

  • I am an ordinary householder. All this to happen through an ordinary man like me is a very surprising and strange thing. I am also a being who is extremely affected by ‘Rajogun’. Even today that tendency tries to attract me from time to time. I can feel that some unseen power is not letting me take even a step towards that tendency.

  • So, there is no effort of my intellect in the power which is manifesting through me. I have no illusion in relation to this. Whatever is happening is an outcome of the intense spiritual practices of my innumerable Gurus. I have received this unintentionally due to the causeless grace of my most kind and merciful Gurudev. I have set out alone to distribute this spiritual wealth in the world. I know it very well that I am not the doer. That is why I never feel disappointed. The right to any profit or loss lies with the owner of the world. I am only entitled to the wages of this labour.