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Intoxication due to God’s name is a Reality
March 1, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

I can see that the people of this age, when they read or hear about ‘Naam Khumari’ (Intoxication due to divine name) or ‘Naam Amaal’ mentioned by Saint Kabir and Guru Nanak Dev ji Maharaj, they are not able to believe it. According to their knowledge they are not able to accept it beyond a mere term used to show extreme faith in God.

  • I cannot blame the people for such understanding because today people are in such a condition only because of the disappearance of spiritual world and virtuous powers.

Man is the finest form of God. The expression of that Supreme Power is possible only through the human form. That Infinite Power is residing in the human body in its completely evolved form. That is why all the saints have called the birth in the human form as precious. It is only because of the quality of this dark age that the helpless man is not able to relish its taste and hence believes it to be a pure imagination.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 1, 1988
  • I distributed about 3000 pamphlets about ‘Naam Khumari’ (Intoxication due to God’s name) and Self realization. It was clearly printed in the pamphlet that any one who wanted to satisfy their curiosity about Self Realization and ‘Naam Khumari’ should join the ‘Satsang’ (gathering on spiritual discourses).

  • I was surprised to know that people who listen to discourses by Swami Ramsukh Das Ji didn’t believe it. Only one seeker approached me but I am completely satisfied with him. His being a traveller on this path is a clear proof that only in India a small spark of that Supreme Power is remaining which can be kindled to spread the divine light in the entire world.

  • The indication that I was given proved correct that this divine light was coming from the highest Spiritual Sphere so will awaken only such people. This way when the powerful intellectual people of the world will be awakened then that divine light will naturally spread to the lower levels. My direct experiences and the instructions of the Supreme Power are coinciding well.

The ‘Tamas’ (darkness & inertia) that is prevalent in the country, Maharishi Aurobindo wrote in one of his books about it. He said, “This is due to many reasons. India was dominated by the dark tendencies (Taamsik pravritti) and dissecting powers before the arrival of Britishers but after their arrival that darkness has settled in a solid form.
Before the beginning of any real work, it is important that awareness comes here. Tilak, Das and Vivekanand- none of them were ordinary people still the darkness has continued in spite of their presence.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 1, 1988
  • It becomes clear from the above statements by Maharishi Aurobindo that the darkness has intensified and settled to such an extent that except for the descent of the Supreme Power there is no other way. According to my opinion too it is extremely important for the divine light to first spread in India.

  • The instructions given by Bhagawan Shri Krishna (Supreme Lord) to Maharishi Aurobindo before he was released from the Alipore jail also means the same. HIS instruction was,” when you go out, tell your people that they are rising for ‘Sanatan Dharma’. That they are being raised for the well-being of the world and not for their own selfish motives. When it is said that India is great, it means ‘Sanatan Dharm’(Eternal religion) is great.”

  • From this it becomes very clear that to attract the world, it is very important for India to rise and awaken first. Without this it is very difficult to awaken the world. We can see that it has become a tendency in the people of our country that they are blindly following the western world. On the other hand, the Westerners are looking for peace in the by lanes of India. It is a very strange situation. They are not aware of the immense spiritual knowledge of which they are the owners and foreigners are coming here to look for it. It’s a very strange situation.

I remember it very clearly; I was standing near the Ganges at ‘Muni Ki Reti’ in Rishikesh when some orange robe wearing foreigners came and stood near by. In the mean time few men wearing coat and pant came along with their families.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 1, 1988
  • I remember it very clearly; I was standing near the Ganges at ‘Muni Ki Reti’ in Rishikesh when some orange robe wearing foreigners came and stood near by. In the mean time few men wearing coat and pant came along with their families. One of them started speaking in English with the foreigners. I was standing near by so I started listening. That Indian gentleman said,” You are learned and decent people, how come you got in touch with these crooks?

  • These people are only after your money and they do not have any other powers for which you people are getting robbed.” To this one of the foreigners replied,” I cannot understand what you are saying. It looks like you have some preconceived notions. Have you ever tried to know what these hermits do? I can see myself that in our daily life whatever amount of money is required to be spent they are not taking a penny more than that.”

  • I am astonished when I see such condition of my countrymen. The learned and affluent people of our country have completely forsaken religion. Till they are not made to experience self realization and ‘Naam Khumari’ (intoxicating joy due to chanting of divine name), awakening is impossible.

The doctor treats only that part of the body which is sick only then the person becomes completely healthy. Similarly, we have to treat these sick people first only then the awakening will be possible.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 1, 1988
  • We see that many of our politicians are running around ‘Tantriks’. Many such ‘taamsik tantriks’ are dangerously misusing the political power and spreading darkness in the country. This way the class of society which is a puppet in the hands of these ‘tantriks’ and the part which has forsaken religion after getting harassed by these ‘tantriks’ until they are treated first, it is impossible to bring awakening in the country.

  • The western people never hesitate in testing the truth and then accepting it. The most difficult job is to treat the learned and affluent people bound by preconceived notions. Once they are treated, whole body will become healthy. These political and affluent people are not much in numbers.

  • When that Supreme Power will reveal itself and start doing its work, it won’t take much time to dispel the darkness from the world.

  • I have been clearly told that time is decided for all changes to come. At the right time, all the conditions will become favourable so that work will be completed by applying little efforts.