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Reincarnation and the Soul
March 17, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The world is a cycle of birth and death. Clarifying this, Bhagwan Shri Krishna in chapter 15 of the Bhagwad Geeta has said-

    • The embodied souls in this material world are My eternal fragmental parts. But bound by material nature, they are struggling with the six senses including the mind.
      (Bhagavad Geeta 15:07)

    • As the air carries fragrance from place to place, so does the embodied soul carry the mind and senses with it, when it leaves an old body and enters a new one.
      (Bhagavad Geeta 15:08)

    • Using the sense perceptions of the ears, eyes, skin, tongue, and nose, which are grouped around the mind, the embodied soul savors the objects of the senses
      (Bhagavad Geeta 15:09)

    • The ignorant do not perceive the soul as it resides in the body, and as it enjoys sense objects; nor do they perceive it when it departs. But those who possess the eyes of knowledge can behold it.
      (Bhagavad Geeta 15:10)

    • Striving yogis too are able to realize the soul enshrined in the body. However, those whose minds are not purified cannot cognize it, even though they strive to do so.
      (Bhagavad Geeta 15:11)

  • From the above, it becomes clear that the principle of reincarnation of the Vedanta religion is absolutely true. Bhagwan Shri Krishna has clearly described it in the Bhagavad Geeta. Since Kaliyug (Iron age) is an era that is based only on the ‘Shudra tattva’ that is why in this age only service is considered as a religion.

  • According to the caste system, the job of the ‘shudra’ is to serve. Since, it is the only element that rules in this age so it will naturally term its job as religion. This is the quality of this era; no one is at fault in this. This is an arrangement made by God. Change of era is the rule of nature.

  • This has been in practice since time immemorial because the religion of each era is not in a position to bear the weight of the earth for a long period of time. That is why its time and sequence through ages has been fixed.

  • According to our religious principles, the time period of each era from Satyug to Kaliyug goes through decline. As the Sattvik element weakened, the lifespan of man decreased and so did the duration of each era. The change of era means the descent of that Supreme Power into the mortal world. The era cannot change without it.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • With regard to past lives, according to my direct experience, it is possible to have its knowledge. By establishing a spiritual connection with an enlightened Guru, it is possible for every man to have this knowledge. After receiving the luminous ‘conscious word’ (mantra) from the Guru, the being can have Self Realization after piercing his gross, subtle and causal body because the soul is an integral part of that Supreme Power.

  • So, not only past lives, it is possible to have knowledge about the future lives too. The man of this era feels that it is not possible. It is not his fault. This is due to the quality of this era. The time is not far when such things will be proved before the world.

  • The moment the Spiritual power will take over the control from the Physical power and start managing it, everything will change. In this regard, Maharishi Aurobindo has clearly said, “The knowledge that our Rishis had attained, is coming back, is to be given to the entire world.” He further said, “The beginning of this can be done by India only. Although its territory will be universal, the core movement will be done by India. That ‘ Sanatan Dharm’ (Eternal Religion) is about to reappear in this country describing which Swami Vivekanand Ji said-“ If there is no direct experience in a religion, it is actually not worthy of being called a religion.”