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Everyone is affected by the Qualities of the Era
October 7, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Vishnu Purana clearly states that the qualities of Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Vaishya totally degenerate in the Kali-Yuga, only the society of ‘Shudra’ remains. This element is governing all the living beings of the world with its qualities. This is the reason that today only ‘Tamsik’ forces are ruling the world.

  • Everyone is using the ‘Tamsik’ forces in the name of God. A common man is not able to understand anything due to the effect of this age. There is a deluge of such religious leaders in the world.

  • In this regard, Saint Ramdas Ji has said,

  • “No one knows about the most Supreme, Lord of the Lords, Shri Ram. The Supreme Lord has been stolen. After having been stolen, HE cannot be seen. The Lord of the Lords has been stolen but without the help of a Guru, HE cannot be seen.”

  • Saint Ramdas Ji has described how one can know a true Guru in the following lines,

  • While looking for a Guru, you may find millions of Gurus. Such Gurus develop some magical powers by chanting a mantra for years and then deceive people with the effect of their mantra. Such kinds of people are worthless and are not worthy of getting the title of ‘Sadhguru’ (True Guru). One who shows magics, or indulges in false praises, and tries to show off his virtuousness, and by this tries to rob people of their hard-earned money, such a person also is not entitled to the position of ‘Sadhguru’.

    One who doesn’t criticize anyone, doesn’t keep animosity with anyone, doesn’t go into a frenzy, is not addicted to anything and does not keep bad company, and is full of knowledge, such a person alone is ‘Sadhu’. Such a person doesn’t gossip, he doesn’t have any desire for sex, he is not restless and he does what he says, one should consider such a person to be a ‘Sadhguru’. He is entitled to the position of ‘Sadhguru’ and he is wise, kind, forgiving, yogi, capable and attentive, intelligent, and in his company the doubts are cleared. In HIS company, what is unknown becomes known. In His company, one should try to find the Supreme Power.

  • Saint Meera Bai has sung glories of Guru in the devotional songs. In one of the devotional songs, she says that if God and Guru both are standing before me, I will bow first before my Guru because it is due to his grace that I could unite with God. Similarly, saint Kabeer says in one of his couplets that by the mercy of the Guru one can experience the intoxicating bliss of chanting the divine name.

  • From the above examples, we can understand what kind of Gurus we have in the world today. This is the reason that there is so much darkness in the world today. Since any kind of worship is not giving any direct outcome, people have not only lost faith but have also revolted against the religious leaders. Whenever such a grave condition has arisen in the world, the Supreme Power has descended as ‘Avatar’ on the earth.

  • In the world’s human consciousness, the descent of the Overmind consciousness is inevitable.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • According to the predictions made by the saints of the world the time for the change of era is not far off. There is blood shed even when there is a change of physical power then this is the time for the victory of light over darkness.