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Effect of Satsang
April 25, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

In this era, people are not able to understand the meaning of ‘Satsang’. Some people consider waking up all night to sing devotional songs as ‘Satsang’. Some say that listening to the scriptures and sermons in a big gathering is ‘Satsang’ but people are neither understanding the real meaning of ‘Satsang’ nor are they receiving its effect.

  • Truth and untruth, light and darkness are two opposite powers. Both can never stay together. As soon as there is light, darkness disappears. Where the truth is revealed, the untruth cannot exist. This clearly means that what is being called ‘Satsang’ today is far from the truth.

  • Many times, I get to know from people about the ‘Satsang’ program that is organized for the preaching by a ‘Mahatma’. I sometimes ask them, “That Mahatma has given thousands of discourses to date, tell me how many people have undergone any change?” Mostly I get to hear the same replies that there is no fault of Mahatma in this, people of this Iron Age are corrupt. In this way, millions of people are categorized as corrupt in a second. These people come from far off places by wasting their time and money and what do they get? No one ever tried to find fault with the ‘Mahatma’ to know if he is to be blamed for it.

  • An ascetic had told me a real story in this regard:

  • The story is – “During the wintertime, a man took his 11-year-old son to a saint in his village and said, “My son eats a lot of sugar. We have tried our best to stop him from eating so much sugar but he doesn’t listen to us. Please tell him some words of wisdom and maybe he will listen to you.” The saint told the father to bring the son back after 15 days. After 15 days when he met the saint, the saint advised the boy to not eat sugar after telling him the harmful effects of eating it. The boy left eating sugar from that day. After some days the man met the saint again and said, “If you had to tell such a simple thing to my son, you could have told him on the first day itself.” The saint replied, “Up to that day, even I used to eat sugar so if I would have told your son to not eat sugar that day, it would have had no effect on him. So, after you left, I stopped having sugar and when I met your son after 15 days and I told him not to eat sugar, it had a positive effect on him and he also stopped eating it.”

    I had asked the ascetic, “Why is there no effect of religious Gurus on people? In reply to this, the above story was told by him and then he said that the saints and not the people of this world are to be blamed for it. That saint was a ‘Jasnathi’ (He belonged to the ‘Siddha’ sect). I had met him at the Palana railway station while waiting for a train. He lives in Barsingsar, Rajasthan. He had come with Shri Sagarnath Ji at the Bikaner station. This was the first person I ever met who told the truth.

  • I have observed that whosoever goes to my Gurudev automatically quits meat and alcohol. After his heavenly departure, whosoever comes in my association also quits meat and alcohol automatically and those who are unable to do that stop coming to me after a few visits. Then they don’t dare to come to me. The effect of the truth is so penetrating and constant that anyone who comes as a seeker can never forget that experience.

  • The meaning of ‘Satsang’ is to associate with the truth. Just as one cannot avoid feeling hot when one goes near a fire, so is the effect of ‘Satsang’. A true Guru is directly connected with the Supreme Power so as soon as your heart gets connected to the Guru; the ‘Sattvik’ light begins to reveal itself. As their love and closeness grow, the light will become clearer and brighter. In this way, as the seeker comes closer to the Supreme Power, the attraction and speed will continue to increase. This is the effect of ‘Satsang’, apart from this, everything else is fraud.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag