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Why have the people of the world become disappointed and alienated from Spirituality?
March 26, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

We can see that in all the religions, disappointment and alienation towards God have reached its peak. People of all religions have almost revolted against religious teachers. If we think about it from a worldly point of view, we will find that the people, who have lost faith in religion, cannot be blamed for it. It is because of the qualities of this era that all the religious teachers have lost their spiritual powers. They, themselves are not enlightened.

  • Their own connection with the Supreme Power has been totally lost. In order to hide this weakness, they use different types of gimmicks. They use different types of pretences, logic, and web of words for this. Just like a lifeless being cannot affect anyone, similarly, all the lifeless rituals of the religious teachers of this age, because of their being ineffective, are spreading despair in the people of this world towards the Supreme Power.

  • Instead, if they honestly accept their weakness then the people of the world can be saved from this anguish. The more they hide their weakness and try to run their business on the basis of lies, the more the rebellion is intensifying. Thus, the situation has become very volatile in all the religions. On the other hand, physical science, because it is based on truth, is able to attract people towards itself. Spirituality has completely failed to give any result. In such a situation, when a man doesn’t get any direct response to his prayers, his faith is lost.

  • ’Guru’ is the ‘wire’ that connects man with God. If the wire is not torn and is connected with the Supreme Power then whosoever will connect with such a Guru, the divine light of the Supreme Power will surely spread within him. The moment this light spreads, the being gets enlightened; in this way, one lighted lamp can light countless lamps and dispel darkness from the world (means an enlightened Guru can awaken countless beings).

  • All the religious teachers say that God resides in everything so this implies that God is present in every being, it only needs to be awakened then the whole world will be lit up with the divine light of the Supreme Power. It is difficult to light the first lamp. One lighted lamp (Guru) is capable of dispelling darkness from the world by lighting up all the lamps of the world. Hence, an enlightened ‘Sadguru’ (true, bona fide spiritual master) is capable of enlightening all the beings of the world.

  • A ‘Sadguru’ is in direct communion with the Supreme Power therefore all the people, who connect with him, will be enlightened. After connecting with such a Guru if the being confesses his sins and prays to God to get rid of them, the miracle happens instantly. The ‘Tamsik’ forces leave such a person immediately forever and their place is taken over by the ‘Sattvik’ tendencies.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • In this way, all the beings that connect with such a Guru will be enlightened. When this divine bliss appears within one person, it doesn’t take time to appear in all the beings of the world. Such enlightened persons, will get instant reply to their prayers and their hearts will always be filled with joy. Once this bliss appears in one person, it doesn’t take time to appear in all the people of the world.

  • Change of era has been occurring in the world since time immemorial. The wheel of time has never stopped and it never will. Just as the day comes after night and night comes after day, similarly, the change of era is bound to occur according to the time decided by the Supreme Power.

  • No being wants to forgo its power and rights willingly, similarly, the ‘tamsik’ forces also endeavour to continue to hold their place in the world but the change has never stopped to date. Stars do not ever wish for the sunrise to occur and their power to end in spite of maintaining the status quo but still, the sunrise occurs.