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Adhyatmic Satsang
December 11, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

In this age, the actual meaning of ‘Adhyatmic Satsang’ has almost disappeared. There are various ways like ‘Bhajan’ (singing the glories of God), listening to scriptures (Katha), preaching etc. that are prevalent in the name of ‘Satsang’. The real meaning of ‘Satsang’ is to side with the truth. God alone is the truth and the rest of the world that is seen is perishable therefore by the company of whom direct experience and realization of that Supreme Power can be had, that alone is ‘Satsang’.

  • In the present time, the God element is almost missing from the world. The direct experience of that Supreme Power has only become a subject of imagination in the present time.

  • Saint Goswami Tulsidas Ji in one of his couplets has said that the Supreme Power can be seen and realized only with the help of a Sat-Guru but in this age, it is very difficult to find a ‘Sat-Guru’.

  • In this regard, saint Samarth Guru Shri Ramdas Ji has said-
    “While looking for a Guru, you will meet millions of Gurus. They have been cleverly cheating people by fulfilling their wishes by the power of the mantra. Such kind of people are a waste. These people are not worthy of getting the title of a Sat-Guru.” Samarth Guru further says, “One who performs magic, or generates happiness by showing humility in front of people, or one who falsely praises them, or who is greedy and robs money from them by displaying virtuousness, does not deserve the position of Sat-Guru.”

    “One who does not condemn anyone, is not jealous of anyone, doesn’t get over-excited, is not addicted to anything, doesn’t live in bad company and who is knowledgeable, such a wise learned person is a ‘Sadhu’ (saint). He is not a slanderer, there is no sexual desire within him and he does what he says. Only a person having these signs should be considered as Sat-Guru.”

    “He is entitled to the position of ‘Sat-Guru’. He is full of wisdom, & renunciation. He is merciful, forgiving, Yogi, extremely alert, empowered, intelligent, and in his company, solutions are derived at.”

    - Samarth Guru Shri Ramdas Ji

  • By the grace of the ‘Sat-Guru’, what could not be understood before, becomes easily understandable. Knowledge of the ‘SELF’ occurs, which was not there earlier. It is only the company of the ‘Sat-Guru’ that can be called ‘Adhyatmic Satsang’. If the ‘Adhyatmic Satsang’ doesn’t give any perceptible result, it cannot be called ‘Satsang’ (company of the Truth). Things cannot work out only by having faith. Just as the sweetness of sugar is felt immediately after eating it, so too should be the result of Satsang. Anything else is just rituals and pretense. The qualities of a ‘Sat-Guru’ that have been told by Samarth Guru Shri Ramdas Ji, such a Sat-Guru is worthy of ‘Satsang’.

  • Almost all the religions of the world accept the origin of the universe from the ‘word’. All religions say that that ‘word’ is light-giving. (Prakash-prad). First of all, knowledge originates from the ‘word’ and ‘light’. Then the entire universe and ‘Trigunmaye Maya’ (illusionary energy of God consisting of three attributes-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) are created. Then the Maya creates everything in this world by the inspiration from its creator ‘word’ and ‘light’. This whole world has originated from the word and light. In other words, this whole world is a vast form of only one Supreme Power. A Sat-Guru is the form (Sagun-Sakar-having form and attributes) of the formless (Nirakar-Brahm) God.

  • Hence, with the help of the luminous word (mantra) received from the Guru, it is possible to walk on the path (in presence of bliss and divine light) from where in the beginning that luminous word manifested. The sages have named it ‘Agam-Lok’ and it is located above the ‘Alakh-Lok’. The moment a soul reaches the Agam-Lok, it merges with its father-the Supreme Power. This is called salvation. Due to the divine light emanating from the luminous word(mantra), the seeker experiences divine bliss within himself. Without experiencing that bliss, one can never understand the meaning of salvation.

  • Unless the seeker experiences that divine bliss by the grace of the Guru, he is affected by the worldly material pleasures due to the influence of Maya (illusory energy of God) and he repeatedly questions, “What is the need for salvation?” He feels that it is foolish to leave the pleasures of the world and go after salvation. Since he has not tasted the internal divine bliss, he cannot differentiate between worldly pleasures and bliss. All this cannot be understood by discourses, pretense, a web of words and philosophical books. All this merely creates an illusion of becoming knowledgeable by making a man exercise his intellect. At present, it is this illusion that is getting sold openly in the world and it is available by the name of Spiritual Science everywhere. Because such knowledge does not give any evident result therefore the youth of the world has lost faith in it. Only the vigourless old men and women, who are near death, due to the fear of their past deeds are trying to attain this knowledge. Since the mind doesn’t work properly due to fear hence such imbalanced people cannot gain anything.

  • The decline of spirituality started when the religious preachers connected it with their means of livelihood. All the religious preachers of today have to forcefully move on this path in order to stay alive. They are compelled to do so. Thus, spirituality has become a spectacle. This kind of attitude towards the father of the universe is a sign of change. It is a scientific fact that when anything reaches its ultimate limit, it ends. This is inevitable because the cycle of rise and fall has been going on since time immemorial.

  • It is impossible to dispel the darkness of the world without the manifestation of that light of divine knowledge. It is difficult to light the first lamp but after that it is easy to light other lamps. In this way, it will not take much time to spread this light in the world. When this melodious sound wave will reverberate in the world’s atmosphere, then the common man will not be able to stay without being affected by it. Thus, this divine light will spread faster than the speed of light in the world. The forces opposing it will not be able to maintain their balance but this doesn’t mean that they will sit quietly without putting up an opposition. The Supreme Power has to eliminate them from the world hence the struggle between light and darkness is inevitable otherwise it is impossible to establish complete peace.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • This has been going on for ages. The prophecy by Shri Aurobindo that that Supreme Power descended on the earth on 24th November 1926 is not untrue. Its incarnation clearly means the elimination of darkness. Keeping history in mind, we should not be frightened of these conflicts because this is inevitable. This has happened since time immemorial. The genocide and restlessness that has spread in the world due to the darkness is a sign of the dawn of peace. Darkness brings a lot of devastation before it ends. This is an unflinching law of nature.