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Self Realization is impossible without connecting with a Conscious Power
February 28, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Darkness and light are two opposite things. These two cannot stay at the same place. Light gives fearlessness, new vigour, and consciousness whereas darkness is a symbol of fear, despair, and absence of consciousness. Both are opposite in qualities that is why in all the religious scriptures the ‘Tamsik’ powers have been compared with darkness and the ‘Sattvik’ powers with light.

  • The ‘Tamsik’ powers spread destructive forces like violence, hatred, jealousy, envy, etc. in the world whereas the ‘Sattvik’ powers are constantly engaged in spreading the constructive forces like non-violence, love, kindness, humanity, etc. It is because of the qualities of this age that today the ‘Tamsik’ forces are dominant and the ‘Sattvik’ powers have become negligible.

  • I have already said that along with the decline of the ‘Sattvik’ forces, the ‘Tamsik’ forces are also taking their last breath, according to the direct experience that I had through the Supreme Power. Their powerless descendants are spending their last days in utter despair. This condition of the ‘Tamsik’ forces clearly proclaims that that Supreme Power has descended on the earth. As the time approaches for that Supreme Power to reveal itself before the world, these remaining powerless forces are advancing towards their end at a very high speed.

  • Because of the predictions made by Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed, the religious teachers of these religions are terrified. They are concerned that the millions of dollars that are coming into the churches and mosques in the name of religion, what will happen if they stop coming after the new power emerges and what will happen to the millions of people who are dependent on it?

  • We know that death is inevitable. Along with the movement of the time wheel, the end of every management, civilization, etc. is ensured. The time wheel is completely unaffected by anyone’s happiness or panic. With the change of era, the very big and influential powers have always come to an end. Human management is completely incapable of saving it.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • The human effort will be like a straw’s support to someone who is drowning. The Supreme Power whose descent was predicted by Maharishi Aurobindo has been constantly making its presence felt around me directly or indirectly from the beginning of my life. I was unable to understand this due to ignorance. Like all the worldly beings, I too was affected by the ‘Tamsik’ forces but this suddenly stopped in 1967. I could not understand anything at that time but now I understand it very well that earlier I was going in the opposite direction but in an instant, HE (the Supreme Power) turned my face towards HIM. In this way because of HIS attractive power, I moved toward Him with a high speed. As a result, the direct experiences turned into Self Realization.

  • In spite of the direct interaction, I was not able to understand anything due to the absence of a spiritual master. The moment I came in contact with my Guru, things changed in a flash. I had not yet recovered from it when Gurudev left the world, handing over the spiritual powers in inheritance. For two years I was not in my senses. After this, I was gradually made to understand all the situations then I was able to understand them. That is why I believe in the couplet that says that if both God and the Guru are in front of me, I will bow first before the Guru as it is due to his grace that I could meet God.

  • This world is a strange form of one Supreme Power. In such a vast form, it is only the Guru who is capable of helping to attain Self Realization. This is impossible without Guru’s grace. Guru is the ‘Sattvik’ form of God. Only the soul that has come from the ‘Agam Lok’ can attain the title of the Guru. The blessings of such a Guru bring a bounty of joy in life. Immediately one feels the presence of the ‘Sattvik’ powers from ‘Satlok’ and by the grace of the Guru, one crosses the field of Maya (The Illusory power of God) effortlessly. After this, along with gradual development and progress towards the ‘Agamlok’, the being merges into the divine power in one life. In this way, the being gets freed from the cycle of birth and death and attains salvation in one lifetime by the immense grace of the Guru.

  • I have already said that ‘Tamsikta’ and ‘Sattvikta’ are two opposite forces. Both cannot stay at one place. It can be easily understood by the example of day and night. The way darkness vanishes when the Sun rises similarly the darkness disappears when one surrenders at the lotus feet of the enlightened Guru.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • From my own experience, I learnt that acceptance of all the ‘Tamsik’ tendencies and prayer to renounce them is imperative by sitting at the lotus feet of the Guru. A being is not in such a condition that he is capable of accepting and renouncing them alone. The ‘Tamsik’ (dark) tendencies have caught him in such a web of illusion that under its control, whatever he does, he thinks it is just and correct.

  • Under the Guru’s protection, the ‘Tamsik’ tendencies go away completely but for this, complete surrender is mandatory. Nothing can be gained without surrender. As soon as he surrenders, the shackles of the ‘Tamsik’ powers are released and the being immediately gets to know the pros and cons of what he is doing. At this stage, complete acceptance becomes easy and possible but only acceptance is not enough. The ‘Tamsik’ forces are very powerful and can attack at any time so along with acceptance it is necessary to pray before the Guru for the renouncement of these tendencies. The Guru is immensely kind. This prayer of acceptance and renouncement is immediately accepted. As soon as the prayer is accepted by the Guru out of compassion, the ‘Tamsik’ tendencies are replaced by the ‘Sattvik’ tendencies in his body. In this way, by the grace of the Guru, in a moment the being is easily freed from the ‘Tamsik’ forces forever.

  • The task which people say is impossible to accomplish even after many births that change occurs in a moment by the grace of the Guru. I have myself seen such changes. The Supreme Power has clearly told me that just as by examining a grain of rice from the rice pot, one gets to know that all the rice grains are cooked, in the same way, the effect of the prayer of acceptance and renouncement of all the surrendered people is the same.