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‘Dharma’ has almost disappeared from the world
May 6, 2003
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Today, ‘Dharma’ has disappeared from the world. All the religious preachers of the world declare that violence has no place in their religion then who is organizing the genocide that is occurring in the world! From where is it being controlled and why is it happening and for whom is it being done? Today in the entire world only castes are alive, ‘Dharma’ is no longer alive.

  • In our country too which is predominantly a religious nation, different sects are fighting against each other. When asked why they are doing so, they proclaim that it is to protect the religion then why are the sects using different kinds of weapons like sticks, swords, ‘Trishul’, bells, tongs, temples, mosques, etc. against each other when all of these sects proclaim to be the followers of the same religion. All the religions proclaim, ‘Ahimsa Parmo-Dharmah’ (Non-violence is the highest moral value) then why are they using the weapons?

  • The same God is worshipped in mosques and churches. Numerous different types of churches exist for the followers of the same religion. All of them are using deadly weapons against each other. To a large extent, the same situation exists for those who worship the same God in different mosques.

  • By the order or blessings of which God are they using the nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons against each other? There is only one God for everyone.

  • In the present time, in the language of science, various types of dangerous and deadly viruses have become active in the entire world. The lethal and fatal attack by the virus of middle-east on the USA on the 11th of September shook the entire nation terribly. This sudden shock had such an intense effect that the entire America trembled with the fear of death. This state of mind in humans has been termed ‘Phobia’ by modern science. To date, physical science doesn’t have any cure for it.

  • Recently a virus has been created by the Chinese that kills a person by suffocating. No cure for it has been found so far. This virus is moving towards West-North from the place of its origin. This virus spreads through the air. Hence its spread and expansion is in God’s hand and humans have no control over it.

  • All these kinds of viruses are giving a lot of trouble to India too. So far no one knows about the kind of virus that has been invented by India. Since India believes in the principle of ‘Ahimsa Parmo-Dharmah’ (Non-violence is the most supreme ‘Dharma’) so its virus will spread peace instead of disquietude. Now the war between violence and non-violence is about to begin. The result is hidden in the womb of the future.