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What is salvation? Why is it necessary to attain it?
Febuary 14, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

We can see that everything in the world is perishable. All of our saints have said that HE is immortal. Without attaining him, absolute peace is impossible. Only by attaining God, it is possible to have absolute peace and bliss. Without this, there is no other way to cut the bondage of human being.

  • All our saints have said that only human life is the time to attain salvation . If the life due to intensity of ‘karmas’, even after getting human life doesn’t start the journey towards its right destination, then there can be nothing which can be more misfortunate than this. The saints have clearly said about the world that it is only a vast form of God. The human species is the highest state of God. That is why the saints have said that along with the entire universe, all other ‘Lokas’ are within the human body. The human body is the real temple, after entering which, it is possible to attain God. This is the only way to reach that Supreme Power. Without this, there is no other way to connect with that Supreme Power.

  • At this time, whatever methods of worships are prevalent in the world, they are mostly extroverted. Only a few, talk about being introverted, but they all are ways to enter the field of ‘Maya’ (the illusory power of God). Some people talk about connecting with that Supreme Power by breath regulation but none of them have compete knowledge about it. Because of not belonging to this epoch, this method of worship is now impossible to do. The principles explained by Patanjali and many other sages in relation to Yama, Niyama, eating habits and life style are impossible to practice in this age.

  • If out of millions of people, one man is partially successful in it then what is the benefit of that? The earnings of this field can only be used by the one who earns it. Apart from this, God has created women in such a way that it is impossible for them to do this kind of worship. Do women not have the right to salvation? According to the arrangement of God, men and women both have an equal right to salvation while living in this world. This way the worships of earlier epochs are not possible in this epoch.

  • The wheel of time runs relentlessly. That is why change is inevitable in all the things of the world. No one has the capability to stop it. We can see how much the science has advanced in the physical world. This is the truth and is correct. But there is no consciousness in this relation in the spiritual world. Just like a non-living object, this world is lying in a completely unconscious state. All the principles of Science are written only after having been proved correct many times in the laboratory. Even then, no student can become a doctor or an engineer by reading those books until he himself proves those principles in the laboratory. This way, if the students of Science are not allowed to see the face of laboratory and efforts are made to make them doctors and engineers by making them read only the books of these fields, it will be a complete failure. The laboratories have always progressed in the field of Physical Science and new inventions are made through research work and the principles of new inventions have been noted down. This is the reason that physical science is about to reach its ultimate limit.

  • Exactly contrary to this, almost all the laboratories of Spiritual Science, due to not being able to maintain a balance with time and the wheel of time, have been completely destroyed. At this time, all the religious preachers of the world only have the books of the scientists of the ancient Spiritual Science. In the absence of laboratories, all these scriptures are meaningless.

Only theoretical scriptures, by keeping this knowledge alive, will not be able to benefit mankind. So, until this Science is not promoted by testing through research, no benefit can be derived merely by memorizing these texts like a parrot because the treasure of all the knowledge is hidden within the man.
  • The reason for all the progress made by the Physical Science to date is the inspiration and efforts made by the man. So, Spiritual Science will have to be found by man only by being introverted. Physical Science can give only physical pleasures to man. These pleasures are temporary and transient. Permanent happiness and peace are impossible to attain through these. Until the Spiritual Science progresses as much as the Physical Science, the prediction made by Maharishi Aurobindo about “heaven descending on earth” will not come true.

  • Physical Science is the outcome of outer consciousness and contrary to this, the realization of spiritual powers is possible only by introverted spiritual practice. Physical Science is the product of these spiritual powers so, until this power, brings this Scientific power which is born from it, under its direct controland starts governing it, the prediction made by Maharishi Aurobindo will not come true. Only Spiritual power is capable of restricting the destructive play of Physical Science and rest all other solutions are completely meaningless. Man is incapable of curbing this destructive play by his intellectual skills. The artificial peace mission run by the religious leaders is not going to be effective.

  • Physical Science is a truth. It will never obey the order of any lies. Until its birth giver reveals itself and satisfies this power with full proofs, it will not obey anyone. So, until the man of this world by becoming introverted, walks through the path that leads to that Supreme Power, realizes Him, peace is impossible. This way, the moment the man of this world connects with that Supreme Power, these physical powers will stand with folded hands in front of him and will serve mankind by becoming its slave.

  • India is the caretaker of the heart of the world. That is why only through the people who are born on this land, that Supreme Power will make the world aware of its power and establish peace. Our saints have clearly described the path that leads to that goal. It is possible to reach by the path of renunciation (Sannyasa Marg) and by the path of devotion (Bhakti Marg). The Bhagwat Geeta clearly says that the path of ‘Sannyasa’ is very difficult but by walking on the principle of ‘Nishkaam karma yoga’ (working without expectation) and with devotion, this love-filled man certainly unites with that Supreme Power without any trouble.

Six Chakras are described in the human body. A Yogi starts from the ‘Mooladhar chakra’. This way after piercing the sixth chakra, he can cross the field of Maya (the illusory power of God). This chakra is also known as ‘Agyachakra’ because all the powers of the lower world of Maya work under the order of the power which is above the ‘Agyachakra’, that is why it has been called ‘Agyachakra’. All the powers of Maya up to the Sixth Chakra are so strong that none of them let the being to cross their boundary. That is why to reach the goal through this path in this age, looks not only difficult but also impossible.
  • But by walking on the principle of ‘Nishkaam Karma Yoga’, by loving devotion to God, the being easily reaches his goal without any problems. That is why, pronouncing this path as the best in the Bhagwat Geeta, it directs to walk on this path. Due to lack of knowledge, the religious teachers of this age while describing this path have created so many complexities that the man has remained entangled in them. Sin, virtue, charity, sacrifice, austerities, religion etc. have been described in such a wrong way that man remains entangled in illusions.

  • Based on rituals, ostentation, jargon, superstition and logic, such a face of spirituality is shown that he cannot find the right path. This is the reason that such an easy work became impossible and, in this way, people lost faith in religion. In the absence of results, this is the condition of every work. Why will anyone do meaningless work? So, the religious teachers of different religions are at fault for the loss of faith in religion by the people of the world of this age. They made religion a means of livelihood. This way when exploitation, injustice and atrocities crossed its ultimate limit under the guise of religion, people revolted. It is very saddening to see this condition of religion. In spite of all this, the religious teachers are not taking pity. Even today they are applying new tactics to rob people.

  • If a true spiritual master is found, the darkness disappears very fast. I have already described a true Guru. Since a true spiritual master is in direct contact with the Supreme Power that is why the illusory power (Maya) of the world becomes a slave and stands with folded hands in front of him. A being that connects with such a Guru gets freed from the effects of ‘Maya’ spontaneously. This way by Guru’s grace, piercing the ‘agyachakra’, he starts his journey because by Guru’s grace he gets freed from the entanglements of ‘Maya’ unintentionally and enters the attractive boundary of the Supreme Power and this way he meets only helpful powers on his path ahead. As he progresses, attraction increases and the speed of his progress also increases. The distance of time cannot affect the human being in these spiritual regions so it doesn’t take much time to connect with the Supreme power. The obstacles exist only up to ‘Agyachakra’. By connecting with a true Guru all the obstacles vanish. This way by connecting with that Supreme Power, the human being is freed from the cycle of birth and death.

There are mainly three regions (Lokas) beyond ‘Agyachakra’- ‘Satlok’, ‘Alakhlok’ and ‘Agamlok’. The human being merges with the Supreme Power after reaching the ‘Agamlok’. Here bliss and peace stays eternally. The world created by Maya is seen because the organisms of the world are operated by Maya and hence are not able to see it. Only the inner vision is capable of seeing it.
  • As the being progresses spiritually, the lower ‘Lokas’ and their powers can be clearly seen. Human body is divided into three parts- Physical body, Subtle body and Causal Body. Causal Body has the entire record of the present life from birth till death. The future life incidents can be seen by man like TV scenes after entering the Causal body. All these three bodies are within the limit of Maya (illusory power of God), consisting of three attributes.

  • The soul lies within it. The Super soul is a mass of power whose brilliance is much more than billions of suns. Its one ray is called a soul because it is part of that complete Supreme Power so there is no difference between ‘soul’ and Super soul. Once a human being realizes the soul then with its support, he reaches its original place that is Super soul. It is not possible to realize God in the field of Maya. That is why without piercing the ‘agyachakra’, this job is impossible. Physical body, subtle body and the Causal body and soul and the Super soul are merged with each other in such a way that it is impossible to see them separately. For example: sugarcane has two parts. The inner part has juice hidden within it. But only the outer hard part is visible. When pressed the juice comes out. By looking at the juice, we cannot know its taste. That it is sweet can be known only after tasting it. God is the power that gave the sweetness to that juice. This way the three parts up to the juice are like the three parts of the body. The sweetness within it is the soul and the power because of which this sweetness has come is Super soul. We cannot know the things within the sugarcane by merely looking at it. This example is just an effort to help you understand. The truth is a subject of direct realization. Its knowledge can be gained by testing it in the laboratory of Spiritual knowledge.

When the religion disappears from the world, immorality becomes prevalent and the ‘Tamas’ (dark forces) sets in the world firmly, at that time, the man through whom the Supreme Power spreads its divine pure light, is the true Guru. Only one true Guru is capable of removing the darkness from the entire world. From this it can be understood, what a Guru is. That is why all the scriptures of Hindu religion have said that the glory of Guru is beyond description.
  • The physical pleasures are temporary and are a play of Maya to confuse. The things which give pleasure in childhood don’t give in teenage. Some other things are the reason for happiness in youth and some other things give a sense of pleasure in adulthood. The situation changes again in old age. In the last stage of his life, the man deeply regrets that he wasted the human life for false pleasures. The description made by C. Rajagopalachari in his last moments about these pleasures is very apt. The real pleasure stays the same at all times. That pleasure can be attained only by connecting with the Supreme Power. So, the man should always make efforts to seek the truth. God is always ready considerately to hold him by his hand. After reaching such a stage, it is possible to unite with the Supreme Power by crossing the ocean of life with slight efforts. This kind of bliss and peace is eternal. Once a man attains it, he stays in this state eternally and gets freed from the cycle of birth and death. This state is known as salvation.