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Why is the prayer not answered?
April 4, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

This way the awakening of only the first soul is difficult. Just the way it doesn’t take time to lit a number of lamps once the first one is lit, in the same way one lit lamp can remove the darkness in the world by lighting up countless lamps. One enlightened Guru is enough for the world.

  • Every work brings result in the world. Whatever work we may do, it definitely brings some result. It is not necessary that the result will be according to our desires but no work goes waste. Whatever we do, we always get an outcome in response to it. It can be positive or negative but is never unanswered. But we see that we are not getting any answer for our spiritual prayers. We may assume anything on the basis of our imaginary beliefs but it is not similar to receiving an answer in response.

  • In the physical world if we serve anyone, we get something in return for that service. Whatever we receive is experienced directly and the one who gives also gets a direct experience and realisation for doing so.Whatever we eat or drink, according to the qualities of that thing, we get the taste and happiness and that thing shows its direct effect too. So why is this principle failing completely in the spiritual world? People of the world are disappointed doing this one-sided work.

  • Religious leaders silence the illiterate and innocent people by arguments and force them to continue only on the basis of superstition. But the intellectuals and the youth are not ready to accept their instructions without the assurance of any outcome. We will have to think over it in an unbiased manner. This dreadful disease that has spread in the human society has taken away the peace and happiness from people. At this moment, if the existing power(Prakat shakti) in the world is completely used for creation then heaven can descend on the earth. We see that about seventy-five percent of the expressed power in the world is being spent for destruction and annihilation. Every person by cleverness and shrewdness is trying to exploit and suppress others in order to be happy, still is becoming sad and restless constantly.

This is the situation of all the countries of the world too. The amount of darkness that has spread in the world today was never ever there before. We see that now in the name of religion too, the people of the world are being heavily exploited.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

  • The extent of exploitation that is happening in all the religions of the world by exercising the fear of sin and virtue, heaven and hell, has never happened before. All the methods of worship that are prevalent in the world today are mostly extroverted (Bahirmukhi). Apart from this, all the religious masters are getting the worship done through lifeless objects.

  • Any physical lifeless object is not in a position to do any good or bad for man. In this situation the question of getting any result doesn’t arise. All of our great saints have already said that the dwelling place of the Supreme Power is within our body. All the religious scriptures also talk about the same thing. So, without following the introverted method of worship, it is not going to work out. This method of worship is also not an easy job. One can get the glimpse of the Supreme Divine Force only after crossing many dreadful obstacles on the path which is not easy for a man to do alone. One needs an enlightened Spiritual Master on this path.

  • Bhagwan(God) Ram and Krishna also had to take a Spiritual Master. Apart from this all the saints have sung praises, glorifying the spiritual master. The secret and the path to the “Agamlok” can only be found through the grace of the Spiritual Master, there is no other way.

"Kabir dhara agam ki sadguru dai lakhai,
ulat tahi padhiye sada swami sang lagai” (Radha Krishna)

Saint Kabir

“Guru Govind dou khade, kake laagu pai,
balihari guru apne ,jin Govind dio milai”

Saint Kabir

  • Spiritual Master and the Supreme Lord both are standing, whose feet should I touch first? I will first touch the feet of my Guru, by whose grace I could meet the Supreme Lord

  • The saint while clearly showing the place of Supreme Lord has said,

Jyo naynan me pootli, tyu kalikh ghat mahi,
Moorakh log na janhe, bahar dhoodhan jaye.

Jyu til ma hi tel hai, jyu chakmak me aag,
Tera priyatam tugh me, jaag sake to jaag.

Pushp Madhya jo vaashai, vyaap raha sub mahi,
Santo ma hi paiye, aur kahi kachu naahi.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

  • The effect and the power present in the voice of an enlightened master can not remain hidden. The same thing may be said by a storyteller or an inspirational speaker which may seem very pleasant to the ears then but after the session is over, there is no effect left on you. There will be no transformation in you from that. But the same thing when said by an enlightened master stays within you in such a deep and effective manner that you can never forget it in your life time. It will bring an immense change in your life.

  • Once you go to such a spiritual gathering (Satsang) as a seeker, you will have an unstoppable intense urge to go there again and again. This way your life will be transformed, you will be reborn(Dwij-twice born). If you listen to countless discourses all your life from an ordinary person who is a good storyteller or an inspirational speakerstill there will be no change in your life.

  • In this relation Dr. O. J. Smith, a priest at a church in Toronto, Canada has said, “When a man listens to a statement coming through the power of a pure soul, then a strange mysterious power in the environment affects the people present there. When a man listens to a statement coming through a physical and intellectual power, that strange, mysterious atmosphere and effect is found missing. If you are really a spiritual person, then you can understand the difference between the two.” Gradually as you will go deeper in meditation, direct experience and self realization will become evident.

This way man’s faith will continuously become firmer due to his own experiences. In this situation man will start getting the right responses to his prayers.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

  • As one progresses on the path, the bliss will keep increasing. This way in one life, man will reach the state of ultimate bliss. Since demonic tendencies cannot even go near such a person so the wave of divine power will run through anyone who comes in contact with such a person.

This way the awakening of only the first soul is difficult. Just the way it doesn’t take time to lit a number of lamps once the first one is lit, in the same way one lit lamp can remove the darkness in the world by lighting up countless lamps. One enlightened Guru is enough for the world.