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What does Bhagwat Geeta say about ‘Naam Khumari’?
April 28, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Many of our saints have sung the glories of God. Everyone has sung the praises of God’s name according to their own experiences. In this regard, Saint Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “The intoxication due to drugs wears off by the next morning but the intoxication due to God’s name stays forever.

    Saint Kabeer, while describing the glories of chanting God’s name has said,

  • "The intoxicating joy one gets by chanting the divine name doesn’t wear off. The intoxication due to drugs gradually wears off but the intoxication due to God’s name increases day by day."

  • In this relation, Jesus Christ’s very close disciple, Yohana has also said,

  • "This is an inner joy which remains in the hearts of all the firm believers. It doesn’t come and go like the worldly pleasures. God’s bliss is complete and HE fills our hearts with it till it doesn’t start overflowing."

  • Describing this eternal bliss, Bhagwan Shri Krishna, in the 21st verse of the 5th chapter of the Bhagwat Geeta says,
    bāhya-sparśheṣhvasaktātmā vindatyātmani yat sukham
    sa brahma-yoga-yuktātmā sukham akṣhayam aśhnute (5:21)

    - Bhagwad Geeta

    (21st verse of the 5th chapter)
  • Those who are not attached to external sense pleasures realize divine bliss in the self. Being united with God through Yog, they experience eternal bliss.

  • But the man of this age believes it to be impossible. Everyone’s intellect is deluded due to the qualities of the Kali-Yuga. People are unable to believe the sermons given by the saints of their own religion. When I talk about ‘Naam Khumari’ (Intoxicating joy due to God’s name), people are unable to believe it.

  • I am finding that people who associate with me are able to experience this eternal bliss within a few days. All the intoxicants of the world are insignificant before this. Hence, people are getting freed from intoxicants of all kinds. This is an obvious truth.