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Play of God is Strange
September 8, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Incidentally, I got to read St. John’s ‘The path of life’ in 1984 but I had started having direct experience and realization of things described in the Bible much before. I got to read ‘The New Testament’ in the last month of 1986. After this, the Supreme Power showed me all the facts, that have been written in the Bible about 2000 years back, that will be brought into action through me. This is a very strange thing. The Western world will face a lot of mental turmoil in accepting this but gold never gets rusted. Finally, they will have to accept the truth.

  • Einstein’s theory is that the words that have been spoken since time immemorial are still present in the universe and can be heard through a proper scientific instrument. I proclaim that not only words, but all the scenes of the incidents of the past or future can also be seen and heard. I am in a state to prove them. Jesus and Moses were born just yesterday.

  • Once I saw a scene. I saw that I crossed an ocean and reached its shore. There were huge waves in the ocean and the rocks that I had to climb to get out of the ocean were so high that it was difficult for me to climb. Suddenly, I saw a very powerful man standing on a rock just above me and he extended his right hand towards me. I held his right hand in my right hand and started swinging. I thought he will pull me up but he didn’t do so although he held my hand firmly. I became quite upset and wondered what to do. Then I balanced my body with the strength of my right hand and lifted my left leg towards the rock. By chance, the toe of my left leg found a footing on the rock and I balanced my body on that. Then by applying my complete strength with my right hand I pulled my body out of the ocean.

  • Initially, I had no hope of succeeding in getting out of the ocean because that powerful man was in no way pulling me up. Hence, when I stood next to him after getting out, I felt extremely happy. Soon after this, the scene ended.

  • All other things are also getting proven exactly as it is written in the Bible. Once I wondered about the above the scene and thought that to date, I haven’t understood the meaning of the scene. For this, I was inspired to read Acts of Apostle 2:33. After reading that, I was quite surprised. I thought how God is showing me the events that are yet to happen in life at a fixed time in HIS own style. What a human intellect cannot even imagine, God can do that in a fraction of a second.

  • I am very surprised. Once I prayed to God, “Why are you getting this impossible task done through an ordinary man like me? Kindly hand over this job to a suitable person who has prestige and status in the society.” God replied, “All this has to be done by you and cannot be given to anyone else.”

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • So, I have set out in the world at HIS behest. I neither feel happy by success nor am I pained by failure because I am the servant of the Supreme Power. I am entitled to only the wages for my labour. I am not concerned with loss or profit.