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Why do we need a Guru?
February 6, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur
  • When a human being is born, he is totally unaware of the worldly knowledge. He first of all learns about the physical world from his parents. His first Guru are his parents. The he goes to school to get further physical knowledge from the school teachers. This way as his knowledge grows, spiritual world starts attracting him. He gradually tries to get spiritual knowledge. This way the kind of Spiritual Master he finds, he gets the knowledge of that standard and starts walking on the spiritual path.

By the grace of GOD, if he gets the right path then to an extent, he succeeds in his life but if he doesn’t get the right path then in the absence of results, he loses faith in religion.

- Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

February 6, 1988
  • He turns away from religion believing it to be a business of earning livelihood for a certain sect of people. In this way a kingdom of such disillusioned people gets established in the world. The religious Gurus in this business are forced to ask for donations to run their lives.

  • People of the world feel a sense of remorse in their hearts towards religion on seeing the condition of such spiritual leaders. When this kind of condition reaches its ultimate limit in the world, then Bhagawan (GOD) has to descend on the earth.

  • This is the same situation which Bhagawan Shri Krishna has explained in the fourth chapter of the Bhagwat Geeta in the following verses,

yada yada hi dharmasya
glanir bhavati bharatha,
abhyuthanam adharmasya
tadatmanam srijamiaham (4.7)

paritranaya Sadhunam
vinashaya cha duskritaam
sambhavani yuge yuge (4.8)

- Bhagavad Geeta

February 6, 1988
  • At this time religion has reached such a condition in the world that there is no path left. So, this is the appropriate time for God to descend. Most of the saints of the world have already indicated about the revelation of that Power. Maharishi Aurobindo has in fact announced the exact date for the descent of Bhagawan Shri Krishna.

According to Shri Aurobindo, that power with its gradual development will be revealed to the world by the year 1993-94 and will influence the world with its sheer brilliance.

  • This way in the 21st century there will be only and only ‘Sanatan dharm’ (Eternal religion) in the world. A person in whom by the grace of GOD and blessings of the Spiritual Master this spiritual light is revealed, such a person is capable of enlightening the entire world. God never takes birth, he displays his power through such an enlightened person.

  • It doesn’t take long for the darkness to vanish from the world with the appearance of such an enlightened spiritual master. Only a live and conscious power can uplift the world. The path to God’s abode is through human body. All the saints have said that whatever is in the universe is within the body so without going within it is impossible to connect with the Supreme Power and to have self realization.

  • Shri Aurobindo also said,” According to the methods described in the scriptures (Shaashtra) of Hindu religion, I have set out on that sacred path within myself through which it is possible to have direct experience of GOD. In a short span of one month, I have experienced the spiritual powers mentioned in the scriptures which are extremely capable of helping in reaching the Supreme Power. This way I am confident that I will surely be successful in my objective.”

  • In the same way, a conscious person who walks this path and directly experiences GOD has a right to the title of Guru. Such an empowered and enlightened Spiritual master only can uplift the entire world. Any person who connects with such an enlightened Guru doesn’t face any problems in realising the ultimate goal (to experience GOD) while progressing on this path. He successfully achieves his ultimate objective without facing any problems under the protection of spiritual powers.

  • According to the Hindu scriptures there are seven chakras in human body. If someone starts his spiritual journey without the protection of an enlightened Guru then success is doubtful. He has to start his spiritual practice from ‘Mooladhar’(Root chakra). Starting from here in order to reach the sixth chakra, he comes in contact with many illusory powers. These illusory powers are so strong that they do not allow the person to go beyond their field. If by any means the person is able to ascend till the Manipur chakra (Navel chakra), it is impossible to rise beyond this.

Right now, the entire world is dancing to the tunes of this Chakra. In this field the sources to cause the downfall are present enormously. Once caught in the labyrinth of this chakra, the person repents immensely at the end of his life.

- Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

February 6, 1988
  • The journalists asked only one question to Chakravarti Rajagopalacharji when he was on his death bed,” You are the first person in India to reach the summit of politics You are the only Indian who was appointed as Viceroy. How are you feeling now at the time of leaving this world? Rajaji replied,” Now at this last moment of my life, when I look back at my life, I am full of remorse. I see that I have earned only a package of dirty politics from this life.

  • The realisation that I have to travel further with this dirty package is giving me immense pain. I am full of regret as I have wasted this precious human life.” No one learnt any lesson from the experience of person like Rajaji. All the religious leaders and the so-called spiritualists are revolving around politics like a beggar.

According to Maharishi Aurobindo,” Heaven will descend on earth when the political powers will start working under the control and guidance of spiritual powers.

- Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

February 6, 1988
  • We can see that it is just the opposite right now. The upliftment of the world is impossible under this condition.

  • An enlightened saint Sadguru who after defeating all the illusory powers (Mayavy Shaktiya) is connected with the spiritual power of “Agam Loka” is capable of uplifting the world. The entire region up to the sixth chakra ( Agya chakra) belongs to ‘Maya’ (Illusory power).

  • It is impossible to cross this region without the grace of a Sadguru. Because the saint Sadguru is in direct communion with the supreme power so all the illusory powers bow before him. This way any being who surrenders to such an enlightened saint Sadguru crosses the region of illusory powers effortlessly. This way his journey to reach his ultimate objective starts directly from ‘Agya chakra’ (Third eye).

  • By the grace of Sadguru the moment he comes out of the grip of the illusory powers after piercing the ‘Agya chakra’, all the paths which could lead to his downfall get closed. Only one path leading to ‘Param Dham’ (Ultimate abode) stays open, treading on which one unites with the supreme power and is freed from the cycles of births and deaths.

The glory of ‘gurupad’ that has been sung in ‘Sanatan dharam’ is true. Worshipping without accepting a Guru, it is possible to have the all the comforts of this material world but it is not possible to get salvation.

Bhagavad Gita

February 6, 1988
  • Salvation is possible only when one surrenders to the saint Sadguru. Once a man is under the grip of illusory powers, his downfall is imminent. This way for countless lifetime’s he falls after rising and has to start his journey again from ’Mooladhar’.

  • This game of rise and fall can never get over until man surrenders to Sadguru. It is not surprising then if the devotees consider such a benevolent Sadguru’s position higher than GOD.