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Only a Conscious Power is Helpful in Salvation
February 19, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The progress that has so far been made in the physical and spiritual world is due to a living and conscious power. Lifeless and unconscious things are not capable of doing any good or bad. The living conscious power can make use of it the way it wants. The progress that has been made in the material world to date has been due to the intellect of man. The living conscious power residing within him is revealing this entire knowledge to the world.

  • For some time, the man of the world considered it to be a miracle of his intellect only, but that conscious power showed such amazing miracles to the scientists from time to time that they had to accept that there definitely is a power that is governing the world by guiding the mankind. Thus, the scientists were attracted to that Supreme Power. But due to the complete disappearance of the laboratories of the scientists of spiritual science due to the intense pace of the time cycle, they were unable to cooperate with the people of physical science in any way.

  • The scholars of the spiritual science of all religions of this era have centuries and age-old theoretical texts lying with them, but in the absence of laboratories, all these texts are meaningless. They were useful only for the era in which they were composed. With its gradual development the way physical science has progressed in the world, if spiritual science had also progressed in the same manner and done new inventions like physical science and made its position suitable for today's era, in that situation it would have been in a position to help the mankind of the world.

  • But today the situation is totally different. Physical science is trying to reach its pinnacle and the scientists of spiritual science are completely unable to prove their knowledge. To hide this pitiable condition, they started making concerted efforts and together with some clever capitalists, they made religion a full-fledged business. They started making efforts to attract people with different kinds of pretenses. By engaging people in a web of words, and using logic, they described God and religion in a different manner everyday thus entrapping them by confusing them. They frighten people by giving a horrific description of hell after death. They connected religion with such lifeless things that can never give any result. In this way, they made salvation a very hard-to-get thing. In such a situation what result can the people expect to get?

  • Thus, in the absence of results, people of the world revolted against these religious preachers. Today the situation is such that only a few sick and weak people who have reached the last part of their life’s journey are in their control. They are fooling these people by showing them the fear of death. Death is inevitable, it is impossible to avoid it therefore it is useless to fear it. But still, these energy-less people, looking at the deeds of their life, get scared. Every kind of fear runs away by worshipping God but these people are unable to understand this. How long will these so-called religious teachers be able to stay alive on the strength of these weak people?

  • When the scientists of physical science did not get anything from such Gurus, they started searching for that Infinite Power with their own instruments. The lifeless and unconscious physical instruments will in no way be able to detect that living and conscious power. It is impossible to meet the Supreme Power by any outward spiritual practices. The path to the Supreme Power is within the body and passes through very deep whirlpools. There are countless crossroads where there is a huge possibility of getting lost. In such a situation, these true seekers of physical science are not going to get anything except disappointment. Except for the misuse of money, time, and energy, no result is going to come out of it. Apart from this, there is another problem that has confused them further. The ‘Tamsik’ people, who know ‘Kali Vidya’, are constantly trying to mislead them from their path by showing cheap and confusing miracles. First of all, their path is wrong and secondly, the ‘Tamsik’ powers try to mislead them at every step, in such a situation, these people who are seeking the truth are wasting their money and energy.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • History is witness to the fact that whenever Tamsik forces have reached their utmost limit, God has incarnated and destroyed them. In this regard, Maharishi Aurobindo said, “In the olden times, when God incarnated, demons also used to come along with HIM who used to oppose HIM. This custom has been ongoing forever.” Thus, we see that every time demons have been destroyed.

  • History repeats itself hence the same is going to happen in the future too. That time is not far off. In relation to reaching the abode of the Supreme Power, Maharishi Aurobindo like all other sages has said, “If God is there then there must be a way to experience HIM, to see Him. No matter how difficult that path may be, I have firmly decided to tread that path. Hindu religion says that that path is within one’s own body. The rules to tread that path have also been shown. I have started following those rules. Within a month, I experienced that what is written in the Hindu religion is not a lie. I am attaining all those signs that have been explained in it.”

  • In this way, we see that it is possible to reach the Supreme Power only by walking on the path that has been explained in the Hindu philosophy, the rest of the methods are confusing and wrong. Hence, it is now time for the prophecy made by Shri Aurobindo to come true. Shri Aurobindo has said,

  • Asia is the peacekeeper of the world. It is going to cure all the diseases created by Europe. Europe has made a lot of progress in the field of physical science, controlled politics, industry, business, etc. Now India’s job starts. It has to bring all these things under the control of the spiritual power and establish peace on earth.

    Shri Aurobindo