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Change of Era is Inevitable
February 21, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The wheel of time moves incessantly without interruption. Everything in this world is transitory. Balance of power is a sign of peace. Imbalance is the cause of disquietude and misery. Today the restlessness that is palpable in society is due to this imbalance. The situation today is such that the ‘Tamsik’ tendency dominates everywhere.

  • The ’Tamsik’ power is single-handedly ruling over the governments of the world. We find that people of the ruling class run after ‘Tantriks’ to seek their blessings. That is why they are forced to do what can be done under the influence of the ‘Tamsik’ tendency.

  • Unless and until the ruling class doesn’t start working under the command of the ‘Sattvik’ power, peace is impossible. ‘Tamsik’ power is like an imposter that always deceives by taking the garb of a saint. All kinds of misdeeds are happening in the name of God. Even an ordinary person after getting the Siddhi of ‘Karn-Pishachini’, is able to fool the world and still be considered a saint and worshipped. People are so confused by the influence of the ‘Tamsik’ forces that they are unable to decide between right and wrong. The atrocities of these ‘Tamsik’ forces have reached their pinnacle. I have met many spiritual seekers who are in awe of the magic shown by these imposters and when they praise them, I feel pity for these innocent people. I quietly listen to them and smile. These fake saints because of their power by the Siddhi of ‘Karn Pishachini’ are able to know the things going on in someone’s mind and when they share that with innocent people, they consider them to be great saints and honour them with gifts.

  • Therefore, the cleverer these so-called saints are the more worldly benefits they try to get while keeping the truth hidden from people. It is this ‘Tamsik’ energy that rules today in the name of spirituality.

  • Religion is a subject of direct realization. Discourses and magic do not exist in this. Just as the darkness disappears completely when the sun rises and one is able to see everything clearly on his own similarly once a person gets in touch with a true saint, such a light appears within him that it is no longer required to tell him anything. He is now guided by the ‘Sattvik’ forces. Just as the darkness gets dispelled with the spread of light, similarly with the awakening of ‘Sattvik’ powers within a spiritual seeker, the ‘Tamsik’ forces run far away from him.

  • Now that the seeker is able to understand everything himself, discourses are of no use to him. Discourse is the name of false consolation. Sermons are only a lure for a momentary gain. Millions of people in the world have heard the sermons. If the sermons could be of some help, then the world would not be in such a deplorable condition today.

  • Since the ‘Tamsik’ powers are ruling over the physical forces, they are using them according to their characteristics. This is the reason why physical science is being used for killing people. If the ‘Sattvik’ powers could influence the ruling class, the situation would get reversed. The ‘Tamsik’ powers have created such an imaginary line between the people of the physical and spiritual world that they have got divided into two parts.

  • The ‘Sannyasis’ say that the government has no right to interfere in their field. On the other side, government officials are openly blaming religious teachers that they are misusing religion to influence the government. The ‘Tamsik’ powers have influenced both these groups in a manner that no one is in a condition to understand the reality and in this way, these forces have left no stone unturned in torturing the people of this world. From this, it appears that their end is very near.

  • Peace is impossible if the spiritual power does not rule over the physical powers of the world.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • Due to the effect of the ‘Tamsik’ forces, the religious preachers and saints of the world have accepted an escapist approach which is wrong. The saints and Gurus are sent to remove the misery of the people. Their running away from worldly responsibilities means either they are in fear or they are under the control of those ‘Tamsik’ forces and are obeying their orders.

  • In ‘Satyug’, every human being was connected with the divine power hence everyone was a saint. With the change of era as the humans got disconnected from the divine, saints appeared to show them the right path. We can find countless such examples from the ‘Treta’ and ‘Dwapar’ age but gradually the ‘Tamsik’ forces became stronger and today it is only these forces who rule.

  • Since they have reached their ultimate limit hence it is time for their end. Many spiritual saints of the world have made predictions in this regard. It is surprising that people of the ruling class have also started talking about it for some time now. I am also surprised as to how the Supreme Power is forcing them to state the truth. This is a bitter truth that the Supreme Power is about to appear. One can sense the sunrise long before it occurs. With the sunrise, all the beings leave their laziness behind and feel recharged. Only the physical world is affected by time.

  • There is no value of time in the spiritual world. Physical progress that has occurred in this long span of time in the physical world, spiritual power will not take much time to bring it under its control. This is the reason why Maharishi Aurobindo clearly announced the descent of Bhagwan Shri Krishna on the 24th of November 1926. With its gradual development, soon this Supreme Power is going to spread its light in the world.