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Why is the man of present age indifferent towards Spirituality?
Febraury 6, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The extent to which spirituality has declined in this era probably has never happened before. To be able to live in a manner that is contrary to nature is considered a sign of success by today’s spiritualists.

  • Women and wealth are being misrepresented by the spiritualists in a manner that is very strange. The universal mother is shown in a manner that is opposed to spirituality by these religious preachers that one feels ashamed. Without women, how these religious teachers would have taken birth? The religious scriptures are presented in a manner that they become lifeless and deformed. Charity, virtues, sacrifice, austerity, sin, etc. are defined in such a way that they lose their actual meaning. Let us take Bhagwat Geeta for example. Except for a few like Maharishi Aurobindo, the rest have misrepresented it.

  • Bhagavad Geeta is a scripture that throws light on every aspect of life. It gets to the very depths of the topics described in it. The Bhagavad Geeta has been misinterpreted by professional spiritualists in a pre-planned manner to misguide people. It is disappointing that they didn’t hesitate to misuse even a holy scripture like the Geeta.

  • What Arjun did after listening to Bhagwan Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Geeta, is the real teaching of Bhagwat Geeta. After listening to Shri Krishna, Arjun said that his misconception about ‘Dharma’ had been dispelled and that he was ready to fight. Where do we find any glimpse of virtue, sin, charity, austerity, etc. about which these religious teachers preach, in what Arjun did? The common man is being exploited in the name of religion by these professional spiritualists. While they tell others that women and wealth are the root cause of all problems, they themselves are secretly misusing them. Due to the misdeeds of these so-called spiritualists, the number of people turning away from religion has increased tremendously.

  • These modern religious teachers have made religion a means of their livelihood. By hook or by crook, they try to financially exploit the common man in the name of religion and so, are driving people away from religion. It is due to such religious teachers that people of all religions have lost faith in it.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • The wheel of time runs at an uninterrupted pace. Everything in the world is in a dynamic state due to it but these so-called spiritualists are trying to maintain the status quo. The wheel of time doesn’t tolerate any kind of obstacle in its pace. Anyone who has tried to obstruct its pace has not been spared then where do these fake spiritualists stand a chance?

  • Now, the man of today’s world is not ready to be misguided by the web of words and superstitions. He is not ready to accept anything that doesn’t give result. This is the reason that we mostly find people who are at the fag end of their lives, in such religious gatherings. These are the people who are in fear because of their wrong deeds in the past. People, who are so much in fear, how can they worship God?

  • All kinds of fears are dispelled near God but these people, fearing the demons of their sins, go to these religious preachers to save themselves. These clever religious teachers are very well aware of it and hence they take advantage of it and exploit them badly.

  • But the youth of today is not going to allow these fake Gurus to run their show for long and in such a situation a new power will surely emerge. In this way, a new ‘Sattvik’ (pure) spiritual power will arise and these fake Gurus who want to maintain the status quo will be finished. All this will occur due to the effect of the wheel of time from which no one has been saved to date and nor will be saved in the future.

  • The prophecy of the saints like Maharishi Aurobindo cannot go wrong. According to Shri Aurobindo, “The overmind Godhead has descended so the end of darkness in the world is very near.”

  • Youth power plays a very important role in the progress of the world. The right time for any kind of teaching is the period of adolescence and youth. Hence, spiritual knowledge should also be imparted at this age along with worldly knowledge. Our scriptures tell us that this was the norm in the past but due to the disappearance of spirituality in this era, this knowledge is no longer given. Thus, physical science reached the pinnacle of its growth but due to the decline of the spiritual Gurus, this knowledge declined day by day.

  • Unless the spiritual power takes control over the physical force, physical science cannot be used for peace and happiness. This is the reason that the materially developed countries of the world are using this power for the annihilation of mankind.

  • Shri Aurobindo has said,

  • "The world has reached its zenith in the field of physical science, now it is the turn of spiritual science. Asia is the peacekeeper of the world. It is now rising and the day is not far off when Asia will bring all the physical powers of the world under the control of spiritual powers and establish the reign of peace and happiness. India will play a primary role in this. In this way, heaven will descend on earth by the coordination between physical and spiritual powers."