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‘Naam Khumari’ is a truth, it is not an imaginary joy
March 1, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

I have observed that people of this era are unable to believe when they hear or read about ‘Naam Khumari’ and ‘Naam Amal’ (Intoxicating joy due to God’s name) as narrated by saints Nanak and Kabeer. According to their understanding, they feel that it is just an exaggeration to show one’s faith in God. I cannot blame them for having this kind of belief because this has happened due to the decline of ‘Sattvik’ powers in the spiritual world.

  • Man is the best form of God. The manifestation of that Supreme Power is possible only through the human species; that limitless power is present within the man in its most evolved form. That is why the human species is called rare by the saints. But due to the qualities of Kali-Yuga, mankind is unable to get the taste of this ‘joy’ (Naam Khumari) and thinks it to be imaginary or merely an exaggeration.

  • I got about 3000 pamphlets distributed stating that anyone who is interested to know about Self-realization and ‘Naam Khumari’ is cordially invited. I was quite surprised to know that even those who heard Swami Ramsukh Das Ji’s preaching did not believe in it. Only one seeker came to me and I am completely satisfied with him.

  • The last spark of the Supreme Power is left only in India which can be ignited to spread the divine ‘Sattvik’ light in the world. The clear sign that was given to me turned out to be true that this divine light is coming from the highest abode hence it will first awaken those people.

  • In this way, when the powerful intellectual people will be awakened by this light, then this light will effortlessly spread to the lower levels too. The command of the supreme power and my direct experience are matching exactly.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo has written about the ‘Tamas’ that has pervaded the country,
    This is due to many reasons. Even before the arrival of the British, India was dominated by the ‘Tamsik’ tendencies and the disintegrating forces. After their arrival, the ‘Tamas’ got concentrated and settled here. It is very important that the awakening should come here before any real work starts. Tilak, Das, and Vivekanand, none of them were ordinary men but in spite of their presence, Tamas still exists.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • From the above statement by Maharishi Aurobindo, it becomes clear that darkness has intensified so much that except for the descent of the Overmind God, there is no other alternative left. In my opinion, it is of utmost importance for this light to first spread in India.

  • The command that was given by Bhagwan Shri Krishna to Maharishi Aurobindo before he was released from the Alipore jail was,

  • "When you go out, tell your countrymen that they are being raised for ‘Sanatan Dharm’; that they are being raised for the sake of the world and not for fulfilling selfish motives. When it is said that India is great, it implies that ‘Sanatan Dharm’ is great."

  • From the above, it becomes clear that to get the attention of the world, it is very important that first India is raised and awakened. Without this, it is a very difficult task to awaken the world. We can clearly see that it has become a normal practice of the common man in India to blindly ape the west. On the other side, western people are wandering the bylanes of India looking for peace; this is a very strange situation. They (Indians) have no idea of the limitless ‘Sattvik’ treasure of which we are the owners and foreigners from across the seven seas are coming here looking for it; it is a very strange situation.

  • I remember an incident very clearly. Once I was standing at ‘Muni Ki Reti’ near the Ganges in Rishikesh. At that time, some orange-coloured robe-wearing foreigners came and after some time, a few men, wearing pants and coats, came with their families. One of these men started talking to the foreigners in English. As I was standing near them, I also started listening to the conversation. The Indian man said to the foreigners, “You all look very knowledgeable and decent people, how come you have come in contact with these thugs? These people are interested only in your money. They do not have any miraculous powers.” Then one of the foreigners said, “I can’t understand whatever you are saying, looks like you are prejudiced. Have you ever sat with these ascetics and tried to know what they are doing? I can see that whatever our daily expenses should be, they are not taking even one dime more than that.”

  • When I see this condition of my countrymen, I am very surprised. The civilized and resourceful people have completely turned away from religion. Until they are made to experience Self-realization, and ‘Naam Khumari’ (intoxicating joy due to God’s name), awakening is impossible.

  • Whichever part of the body is diseased, that part is operated upon by the doctors, only then the body becomes healthy. Similarly, we also have to first treat these sick people (civilized people who have turned away from religion) only then awakening is possible.

  • I can see that most of our political leaders are in the grip of ‘Tantriks’. Many such ‘Tamsik’ tantriks are misusing political power and are spreading their black knowledge and darkness in the country.

  • In this way, all those who are in the grip of these ‘Tantriks’ and those who after getting fed up of these thugs, have turned away from religion, unless they are treated first, it is impossible to bring consciousness to the country. People of the western world do not hesitate in testing and accepting the truth. The most difficult task is the treatment of the prejudiced so-called civilized and resourceful people. Once they are treated, everything will be fine. They are not much in numbers.

  • When the Supreme power will reveal itself before the world and begin its work, it will not take long for the darkness to disappear. I have been clearly told that the time of every change is pre-determined. When the time comes, all the circumstances will become favourable and the work will be completed with very little effort.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag