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Criticism and counter criticism occurs only because of the illusion of intelligence.
February 22, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Everything I have written in the previous pages is entirely based on my direct experience. In order to explain the ground reality that exists in the spiritual world today in this world and the real truth in a comparative form, I was forced to resort to the critical style of writing.

  • This was only an effort to make one understand. What I actually want to say, I have still not been able to express it clearly because spirituality is a subject of only direct experience and realization. It is not only difficult but almost impossible to express it in the worldly language. There is no other way to make the worldly people understand it except for in their own language.

  • The elaborate form of this world is only the form of the Supreme Power. The contradictions and differences that are visible to us are just the play of ‘Maya’ (illusory power of God) consisting of three attributes.
  • The experience of pain and pleasure only is the secret of life. When the being rises above the area of ‘Maya’, then his illusion gradually ends. In this state, that great soul sees only the Supreme Power in everything.

  • This is a fact, when the world is a form of a single Power, then who will criticize and who to criticize? All these differences are experienced only in the areas of ‘Maya’ that are below the ‘Agyachakra’. ‘Maya’ has placed the being in such a delusion that no one can have any clue of the truth.

  • The situation becomes very clear from the two instructions that Bhagawan Shri Krishna gave to Maharishi Aurobindo in the Alipore Presidency Jail.

First Instruction
I have given you one job. You have to lift this nation. I don’t want that you stay within these four walls for a long time. You will be released soon. Go and do my work.”

- Lord Shri Krishna to Maharishi Aurobindo

Alipore Presidency Jail
Second Instruction
During this one-year period of secluded stay many things have been shown to you. The things about which you had doubts, you have seen them directly. I am raising this country to spread my message. This message is the message of that Eternal religion, about which you didn’t know till now but you now know it. When you go out, tell your countrymen that you are being raised for Eternal religion; you are being raised not for selfishness but for the world.

When it is said that Bharat is great, it means that Eternal religion is great. I have shown you that I am present everywhere and in everything. I am working not only in those who are fighting for the country but also in those who are opposing it. Knowingly or unknowingly, either by directly helping or opposing, everyone is working for me. My power is working and that day is not far when success will be achieved in the work.

- Lord Shri Krishna to Maharishi Aurobindo

Alipore Presidency Jail
  • The situation becomes clear from the above instructions by Lord Krishna. From the above, it becomes clear that everywhere there is governance of only one power then who is opposing whom?

  • I too have been commanded to do something for Eternal religion. I have to convey its noble message to the people of the world. Hence after giving the order to take retirement six years before I was due to retire; he has put me to his work.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • I have joined one service after leaving the other. Whatever I have to do is pre decided. In this relation, everything is clear to me; my path is being shown to me even now at every step. I am totally convinced of what I have to do.