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Secret of the Mantra
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The knowledge of the ‘mantra’ has been there in our country since time immemorial. Based on the principle of the origin of the universe from the ‘word’, our Rishis have created the ‘mantras’. The principle of attaining the Supreme Lord through the power of the mantra in our philosophy is completely true.

  • This is the supreme divine science of our philosophy. The downfall of the ‘mantra-knowledge’ (Mantra-Vidya) occurred due to fake Gurus.

  • No ‘mantra’ can work without taking initiation from a Guru. The changes that are coming in mankind through me are only due to the power of the mantra. I am proving the principle of attaining God through the power of the mantra as completely true.

  • People say that in the age of science only superstitious people believe in ‘mantra’. I challenge this and I have set out only to meet the research scientists of the world. Since it is the ‘Tamsik’ tendency that rules the world now, we find the practitioners of only this tendency in the world. They attract the people by such gimmicks that we can call them magicians. These people pray only ghosts.

  • Those who worship the demigods will take birth among the demigods; those who worship ghosts and spirits will take birth among such beings; those who worship ancestors go to the ancestors; and those who worship Me will live with Me.

    Lord Krishna

    - Bhagavad Gita (9:25)
  • When it is accepted that all the elements have come from the ‘word’, Demigods and Demons have also been created by the ‘word’. Today only those people are in maximum numbers who have the knowledge of the ‘mantras’ from which the ‘ghosts’ have been created. That is why the westerners doing research on ‘Para-psychology’ have no idea of the forces that can push downward.

  • It is because only those having the knowledge of ‘Baptized with the Ghost’ have reached them. When they will meet the knowers’ of ‘Baptized with the Holy Ghost’, they will be able to attain complete success in their work. Since physical science is progressing, only those forces who help in progressing can guide it correctly. It is only due to the loss of the positive forces that we are not in a position to prove our philosophy. Our philosophy can develop a man up to the state as described in the 22nd verse of chapter 13 in the Bhagwat Geeta and 34th aphorism of chapter ‘Kaivalyapad’ in Patanjali Yoga Sutra. To prove this, I have set out in the world.

  • Our Rishis after deep research have accepted in principle that what is in the universe, is within. In this way, they propounded the principle that the world from ‘Mooladhar’ up to ‘Agyachakra’ belongs to ‘Maya’ (Illusory power of God) and the world from ‘Agyachakra’ to ‘Sahasrara’ belongs to the Supreme Lord (Parbrahm). Accepting this principle, Vedic Psychology (Spiritual Science) has termed the world from ‘Mooladhar’ to ‘Agyachakra’ as Annmayakosh, Pranmayakosh, Manomayakosh, and Vigyanmayakosh’. This is the lower level where ignorance rules over knowledge. The world from ‘Agyachakra’ to ‘Sahasrara’ has been termed as ‘Anandmayakosh’, ‘Chitmayakosh’, and ‘Satmayakosh’ (Sat+Chit+Anand=Satchitanand) by it. This is the higher level where knowledge rules over ignorance. This world lacks ignorance, pain, and limits.

  • There is a rule of initiation in the Guru-disciple tradition. It is possible to reach ‘Sahasrara’ only through the mantra otherwise not.

    Lord Krishna

  • According to saints, a force flowed downward from the ‘Agam Loka (the Supreme abode) and on its course created all the other ‘Lokas’ (abodes) and stopped at ‘Mooladhar’. In this way, all the ‘Lokas’ have been created by the mother of the universe, Kundalini (Radha). It can be awakened in the human life and can be made to reach her Master (Krishna) in ‘Sahasrara’. The union of Radha and Krishna (the Earth and the Sky element) is salvation but only the Guru who has attained the ‘Siddhi’ of the ‘Sky element’ (Krishna) can do this job, no one else.

  • The glories of Guru have been immensely sung in our scriptures. Keeping this in mind, countless became Guru as there is no other business as lucrative as this. There is income without investment. Because of such Gurus, the prestigious position of the Guru got defamed. Guru is the one who unites the human being with God.

  • That is why in relation to the state of God and HIS realization, it is said, “The one who in spite of constantly residing within the heart of the human beings does not manifest to those who don’t have the grace of the Guru, HE alone is the ultimate objective of Vedanta, HE is ‘Satchitanand’.”

  • Until the secret of the ‘mantra’ is not understood by the seeker, he can get nothing from it. How can the secret of the ‘mantra’ be understood?

  • The secret of the mantra can be understood only when the Guru is satisfied with the qualities of the disciple. When the Guru is pleased with the heart, he reveals the secret of the mantra and the ‘mantra’ gives salvation.

    - Malinivijaya Tantra

  • All the religions of the world hold a unanimous view that the entire universe was created out of a divine word. Based on this universal principle our Rishis have created the ‘Mantra-shashtra’

  • In relation to the creation of the universe, it is said in the ‘Sanklini Tantra’:

  • Air was born from the sky, fire was born from the air, water was born from the fire, and the earth was born from the water.

  • And all the living beings of the world were born from the earth. Our scriptures also accept the creation of the human body from these five elements. The subtle state of these five elements is known as “Tanmatra”. The subtle state of the earth is smell, the subtle state of water is fluid, the subtle taste of fire is form, the subtle state of air is touch and the subtle state of the sky is the word. Since the father of the universe is the ‘word’ so by the support of the divine word (mantra), man can rise by piercing the three ‘Granthis’ and the six chakras and can unite with his Father, the sky element, in the ‘Sahasrara’. This is what is called salvation.