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Time and Need for Spiritual Practice
February 7, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The time of spiritual practice in a person’s life starts from his youth. It is important for youth to have spiritual knowledge along with worldly knowledge as the youth is preparing to enter worldly life at this age.

  • Worldly knowledge definitely helps a person to earn his livelihood but a person’s life can never be meaningful and successful without spiritual knowledge. A person’s life can never be simple, peaceful and blissful, without spiritual knowledge.

  • Physical science is a lifeless and dormant force whereas spiritual science is directly connected with the Supreme Power. It is completely true that spiritual science is the father of physical science.

  • The conscious power residing within man is gradually revealing physical science with gradual development. The knowledge of physical science has come from that conscious power. If the physical power in the world is used under the control of spiritual power, the world can become heaven. This is the reason why people of the western world are unhappy and restless in spite of physical science reaching its zenith. They have all the comforts of the world still they are restless.

  • America is the most advanced and economically sound country still the state of restlessness is such that every tenth person there is a murderer. In spite of a lot of ‘Tamsik’ tendencies in our country, this kind of situation is not there even after a thousand people. It is true that with the progress of science, violence and cruelty is increasing in our country (India) too.

  • Our Vedas clearly state that the conscious spiritual powers travel constantly only in India’s atmospheric sphere. It is true that the spiritual consciousness has almost disappeared from the world, but its last seed is still hidden in the holy land of India. It is also true that along with the world, there has been a decline in this consciousness in India as well but a spark remains which can be ignited to illuminate the entire world. Different saints of the world have made various predictions in this regard.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • Maharishi Aurobindo has clearly announced that the Overmind Godhead descended on the holy land of India on the 24th of November 1926. The intellectuals of that mission have termed this day as the day when Shri Aurobindo attained Siddhi but Shri Aurobindo has clearly written that on this day the Supreme Power descended on the holy land of India for the welfare of the world. The glimpse of the attainment of Siddhi is nowhere reflected in his language.

  • In our country, spiritual practice has taken a very distorted form. An imaginary line has been drawn between worldly life and spiritual life. The spiritual people and people who enjoy worldly life have been practically divided into two parts. The life of spiritual people has been made absolutely passive and inactive.

  • The life of these so-called spiritual people, due to their addiction to drugs, has become totally idle and inactive. They are of no use to society and are a burden on society. In this regard, as the awareness about them is increasing in society, it is becoming difficult for these so-called spiritualists to make a living because now society considers them a meaningless burden. The situation now is such that most of these people are now living their life by begging. In order to hide this weakness, they have given begging a religious angle and have declared it compulsory for themselves. In this way, to run their lives only by begging has been considered part of religion but the awakened society of today has refused to accept this. In this situation, the life of these inactive people has become difficult. The moment it gets worse, this situation will meet its end. As a result, the supramental consciousness will appear and benefit the world.

  • Shri Aurobindo had a foreboding about this situation which is why he said,

  • "That the situations will turn like this, I was aware of this beforehand. If everything gets destroyed, even then beyond this destruction, I can clearly see the form of creation."

  • In a real sense, spiritual and physical life are not different or opposite of each other. Both complement each other. Physical science has come from spiritual consciousness. In this way, when physical consciousness will start functioning under the command of its mother ‘Spiritual Consciousness’, heaven will descend on earth. At that time the dream of our eternal religion that ‘this entire world is one big family’ will come true.

    - Shri Aurobindo

  • Until this imaginary line drawn between physical and spiritual beings is not removed, it is impossible to bring a new consciousness into this world. Just like smoke cannot be separated from fire, similarly, physical consciousness cannot be separated from spiritual consciousness. When the two forms of the same power are considered different by human society, life becomes hell. The place of peace, comfort, love, kindness, and compassion is taken over by ‘Tamsik’ forces like violence, hatred, animosity, revenge etc. When this situation reaches its zenith, these ‘Tamsik’ forces fight amongst themselves and end. In this way, a new era begins.

  • Women and men complement each other. One has no value without the other. In today’s society, there is only a one-sided system. This is also one of the prime reasons of perversion. Does a woman not need salvation? According to today’s religious beliefs, there are some religious practices that are forbidden for women, some are such that women are not in a condition to do them. In this way, women have been in a way outcasted from the religious field.

  • It is not possible to run life’s vehicle with only one wheel. The age between 15 to 20 is like a new beginning in life. A person becomes a youth leaving childhood behind at this age. All his body parts are healthy and there is tremendous enthusiasm for life. He is ready to achieve something in life. Hence this is the right time to attain knowledge. This is the right time to attain not only worldly knowledge but spiritual knowledge too. Spiritual knowledge is not something that will interfere with worldly life. It is only the wrong presumptions of the present time that has distorted its face.

  • If the power of God cannot help us in our material life, then what is the use of believing in it? Can we not run our life without it? But the truth is that this power directly guides a person at every step in every field of his material life.

  • I have practically tested this in my life. Apart from this, after the heavenly departure of my Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainath Ji, people associated with me are also being guided by the spiritual powers in their worldly life.

  • On testing, I have found that young people are more capable of bearing this power. People of higher age, because of loss of energy in every field, are not able to bear this power so they get scared and try to run away from me.

  • It is necessary for spiritual people to be physically and mentally healthy

    - Swami Vivekanand Ji

  • A physically and mentally weak person cannot succeed much in this. Spiritual forces are so powerful that a person gets scared by their mere touch.

  • Today’s spiritual preachers have decided old age as the time for spiritual practice. In old age, due to the loss of energy in every field, man suffers from many kinds of diseases. In such a situation, the man spends the remaining energy fighting these problems. He is left with no time and energy for spiritual practice.

  • In this age, the face of spiritual practice is totally extroverted so spirituality is taught through logic, rituals, show off, superstitions, etc. This leads to a path that is exactly opposite to the direction of the spiritual path so the question of getting any result out of it doesn’t arise.

  • The youth is curious to acquire new knowledge. The knowledge that doesn’t give any result is not acceptable to the youth. All our sages have said that without being introverted, it is impossible to establish contact with the spiritual powers and to directly experience them. Only the person within whom that power becomes conscious is capable of awakening that power within others.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo said:

  • “If that power doesn’t become conscious within me, it will then not awaken in others too.”

    The awakening of the first person is difficult. After that, it is easy to awaken others just like lighting lamps from a lamp that is already lit. In this way, after the awakening of that Supreme Power, it is easy to remove the darkness from the entire world.

  • Therefore, it is important that if a person could be awakened in his youth, then he can help in benefitting the world in a better way. There is no discrimination between men and women in this. In this way, with the awakening of both men and women, this conscious power can play an active role in removing darkness from the world.

  • If this consciousness gets awakened in a person who is broken by difficulties and is afraid of death then there is no benefit. What benefit can a powerless man who has only a few days left on earth do to the world? The awakening of this light in youth can benefit humanity.