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What really are the religious preachers of this era? Religious Teachers, History Lecturer or Charan-Bhaat?
May 08, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

At this time the condition of all the religious preachers of all the religions is the same. All of them sing the glories of the avatars, prophets and saints of the past. They research on the sacred texts written by them. They explain it in different ways by taking the support of logic and web of words. Some of them advise to read those sacred texts everyday. Some of them have made it their means of livelihood by narrating those sacred texts as ‘Katha’(story).

  • The cleverer of them have made different kinds of statues as a symbol and established them in temples and have made it their means of livelihood. Mostly all of them are giving the knowledge of spirituality only by singing the glories of prophets, avatars and saints. No one is talking about the method by which the different saints of different eras have realized and directly experienced that Supreme Power. There is not going to be any benefit just by singing the glories.

  • If we continue to sing the glories of a nutritious food for years, it is not going to benefit us at all. But if without singing its glories, we just start eating it then definitely we will feel its effect on our health. Same principle applies to all other fields of life. All other ways which are different from it are imaginary, misleading and give rise to confusion. It is sad that at this time, only such people dominate in all the religions of the world. They are not ready to even hear the truth.

  • They are very fearful that if the truth is revealed then it will end their power. In the absence of any result, most of the intellectuals of the world have not only gone away from them but are also revolting against them. Still, they are able to run their show unhindered on the strength of wealth. They don’t want to pause lest their devotees will get the opportunity to hear others but this is their delusion. These status quoists do not understand that that the wheel of time runs constantly. Its speed can never be hindered. The epochs have continued to change since time immemorial.

  • The wheel of time to date has never been affected till date nor will it ever be. Since time immemorial, Hiranyakashyap, Ravan and Kans have been there but their end is well known to all. Lies and hypocrisy always has this type of end. The fight between the demons and God has been going on since time immemorial. The demons demonstrate their power in such a way that it feels that they will win. But the history is witness that the truth is always victorious in the end. The darkness disappears once the light comes. The darkest night also starts shinning by the light of the Sun.

The forces of darkness do not want the light to come but still the sun is rising unhindered, in the same way the epoch will change. This is a pre-decided arrangement. No one in this world is capable of stopping this change. We know that once upon a time the sun never used to set in the British empire but today the sun is seen for a very short time in their state. This change is a gift of this era. Those countries of the world which are rising, no one can stop their progress. This is God’s arrangement. In this relation, not only Indian saints but different saints of the world have made predictions.
  • In this relation, Maharishi Aurobindo has clearly said, “India alone will give spirituality to the world.” Its field will be universal but still, the central revolution will be done by India.