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How does spiritual consciousness spread?
March 5, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

Spiritual consciousness spreads by the efforts of divine power. The efforts made by human intelligence cannot be meaningful in it. Human effort can maximum be described as publicity with the help of scientific equipments. On the basis of his knowledge and power, man can publicize spirituality for a long time.

  • He can gather lakhs of people continuously by physical means. But any such kind of movement doesn’t leave any kind of effect after it is over. People turned away when countless such movements didn’t yield any result. When the number of such people increased, they got the courage to revolt and an open revolt started against the religious teachers.

  • Whatever is left with religious teachers of this era, they are not in a position to give anything beyond that. In order to control this ever-deteriorating situation, the religious teachers of this era tried to supress the revolt through arguments, show off, money. The more the religious teachers tried to gain control, the more the situation got out of hand.

  • They were not left with anything apart from few men and women. They also stayed behind to save themselves due to the fear of their actions in their lifetime. These powerless and helpless people, who are fearful of their own image are in no position to do anything.

  • Religious teachers also know very well that they are being eaten up by the fear of plundering others by injustice and atrocity all their life. Understanding their weakness very well, religious teachersare trying to save themselves by explaining to them about sacrifice, penance, Guru Siyag, sin etc. according to their own understanding.

The power to create is there in the rising sun. That’s why the people of the world salute the rising sun, nobody salutes the sun when it is about to set. For how long can the helpless and powerless people of this era remain alive on the support of this setting sun is very clear.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 5, 1988
  • The way a person who is drowning cannot be saved by the support of a straw, in the same way this paper boat will sink. It is impossible to save it. History is witness to the fact that waning of every power is a sign of emerging of a new power. The man of this era doesn’t believe in a system which doesn’t yield any result. If God is there then after contacting him and by prayers, result should definitely come.

  • In the absence of any result, two questions arise in our mind- either there is no such power called GOD and if it is there then our message is not reaching HIM since all our saints have told us that GOD is extremely merciful and all the religious scriptures are full of examples of God’s kindness.

  • We see that there is no response to our prayers by the methods prevalent in this era. This means that our request letters do not have the right address on it. If the address would have been correct then reply would have come definitely.So, if the people of this era want to find that Supreme Power then it is very important to know the right address. Physical science has achieved its higher state and power by such a search and in the same way Spiritual science can also reach its highest state.

Now the time has come that the Supreme Power by revealing itself and by controlling the physical science that has actually been revealed by it, establishits kingdom of peace and happiness in the world. Till that Supreme Power reveals itself and governs its powers that have been revealed by it, it is impossible to establish peace and happiness in the world.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 5, 1988
  • At this moment, all the achievements of physical science are under the control of demonic powers. The qualities of demonic tendencies are violence, hatred, envy and destruction. A lot of effort has been made through these powers hoping for creation but in its place, it is always destruction that has been making progress.

  • From the beginning of this century, many political leaders tried to bring peace but they have failed completely. The first world war spread massive massacre and unrest in the world. The entire world was in turmoil and terrorized. Then the Heads of States of physically prosperous nations founded League of Nations in order to bring peace in the world.

  • This effort also failed and the second world war was more gruesome than the first one. Then United Nations Organisation (UNO) was founded in an effort to bring peace. But we can see that UNO also has completely failed to bring peace.

There is not a single moment in the world when the physical science has stopped massacre. For years in some or the other parts of the world massacre and war has been going on. All the efforts made by the highest powers of the world are failing.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 5, 1988
  • Now the massacre has started in all the fields of the world. Day and night more destruction is being caused in the world than in first two world wars. All external intellectual efforts have failed because peace comes from within. Peace has its relation with the heart.

  • So, without connecting with the Supreme Power from within by introverted prayer, peace is impossible.What development has occurred within me and my Gurudev is giving clear results in spiritual and physical world. All the people associated with me are receiving that supreme bliss and peace which the different saints have called as “Naam khumari” (intoxication of Gods’ name) or “Naam Amal”.

  • Me and my Gurudev have ascended up to an extent that people who are connecting with me to travel on the same path are not experiencing any problems.

While ascending they are having direct experience of different strange “Lokas” which is filling them with extreme bliss. From ‘Mooladhaar’ till ‘Agam Lok’ where they have reached, they are directly experiencing everything that has been described by our sages.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 5, 1988

Along with this any event related to subtle and causal body is being foretold by the spiritual powers and all are getting materialised in the physical world as foretold. With this the knowledge of the soul existing within these two bodies that has been told by our sages and the clear signs of which I have already seen is being directly experienced by my disciples.

  • Whatever Spiritual knowledge was being considered as myth or imaginary by the people of physical world is now being established as truth with countless proofs. All the powers of the world of Maya (Illusion) from ‘Mooladhaar till ‘Agyachakra’ with its three attributes (Brahma,Vishnu, Mahesh) is being experienced directly.

  • All these powers are being verified in physical world too. The world beyond ‘Agyachakra’ is completely ‘saatvik’ ( pure and virtuous ) and here the form of the word is constantly getting transformed into subtle form. So, the direct experiences one gets here cannot be completely expressed in human languages.

  • In spite of all efforts, everyone is forced to say that whatever they are seeing or listening or experiencing they are finding themselves incapable of expressing it in a language. People have asked me many times if it will ever be possible to express these mysterious experiences in a human language?

I always give them the same reply that I had already told them in the beginning that spiritual knowledge is a subject of direct experience and self realisation. Human intellect and knowledge are not in a position to assist in any way in this.

Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag

— March 5, 1988
  • This is the only reason that I never gave any instructions and never suggested any rituals or outward form of worship. I always said that it is only by love, surrender, kindness, pure intentions that one can get something in this world. This knowledge cannot be achieved by worldly opulence.

  • Physical might (Bhowtiksatta) is a very minute dependent power. I can see that one who pierces through the three types of body and sees the light of soul even for a second getsthe knowledge of previous life. This way the more intimate connection one has with the soul, the more it is possible to have knowledge of previous many lives accordingly.

  • This way the principle of reincarnation in our religion can also be physically verified through this. Today whatever is happening through me, is due to the grace of God and blessings of my Gurudev. Clear instructions for all the key activities of my life from the beginning till the end has been given by that supreme power.

  • I am completely confident and assured with the proofs. Apart from this that supreme power is completely guiding me at every step on my path. The same ‘saatvik’(pure) current starts running spontaneously in the seekers who get associated with the people who are connected with me.