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The Path to the Supreme Power according to my Direct Experience
March 3, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

All of our religious scriptures repeatedly ask us to know ourselves. Self-realization is impossible without knowing- Who you are and where have you come from? The main teaching of our religion is to firmly believe that ‘I’ am a soul and to become that. It is only our Vedic religion that repeatedly says that God has to be seen and directly realized, only then salvation is possible.

    Hindu religion says that that path is within our body and it has also described the rules to tread that path. I have started following those rules and within a month I have experienced that the point of Hinduism is not false. I am attaining all the pointers that have been talked about.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • Patanjali and all other Rishis of our religion have said that the entire universe is within us. It is impossible to realize God without an introverted spiritual practice but guidance and support of an awakened Guru are very necessary to walk on this path. Without a Guru, this journey is impossible. Preaching, rituals, pretense, logic, debates and superstitions are useful only for misleading into the darkness. This extroverted practice is completely unsuccessful in the search of any truth. This is the reason why most of the people of the world are left with no faith in religion. Fed up of the religious pretense, people have even assumed a rebellious form.

  • It is very difficult to have the light of that Supreme Power in the first person. Once a lamp is lit, countless lamps can be lit and the entire world can be illuminated by that Supreme divine light. It is difficult to start only the first thermal powerhouse. I don’t accept that this work has been made possible only by human effort. The fruits of the actions of countless past lifetimes, blessings of the almighty Lord, and the grace of an awakened Guru, are absolutely necessary to accomplish this task.

  • In other words, this task is possible only by God’s own power and is not possible in any other way.

  • In this era, the Supreme Power has removed the darkness by incarnating itself. That Power showed the path to Maharishi Aurobindo also in the Alipore Jail by giving him direct commands.

  • I'm not doing anything for myself because I want neither salvation nor any overmind ‘Siddhi’ for myself. I am striving for this ‘Siddhi’ only because this work is important to happen in the mortal consciousness and if that doesn’t happen in me first, it will not happen in others either.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo has written this in relation to the direct realization of that Supreme Power

  • From the above, it becomes clear that the consciousness to occur in the first person is difficult. The consciousness of the Supreme Power means the incarnation of that Supreme Power. I have already stated that there has been no effort of mine in the transformation that occurred within me and whatever I am being made to do. I can see that even though I did not have the slightest desire, yet that Supreme Power has made me a medium and is making me dance according to HIS tune. Whatever was lacking, that work was completed with the blessings of my Gurudev Baba Shri Gangainath Ji Yogi, who was an incarnation of that Supreme Power. In this way, I have been clearly told that the power that is emanating through me is the fruit of God’s grace and my Gurudev’s blessings.

  • The ascent up to ‘Brahm-Lok’, the abode of pure knowledge, and Thousand-Petalled Lotus is a result of my spiritual practice of past countless lives but the ascent of ‘Sat-Lok’, Alakh-Lok’, and ‘Agam-Lok’ would have been impossible without the Guru’s grace.

  • The bliss that comes by chanting God’s name comes from the ‘Agam-Lok’. So, the true peace and bliss that has been termed ‘Naam Khumari’ or ‘Naam Amal’ by the saints, which people are experiencing through me, have been possible due to God’s grace and my Gurudev’s blessings.

  • This work was not possible by human effort. I didn’t face much difficulty in my journey from ‘Mooladhar’ up to ‘Thousand-Petalled Lotus’ and the impossible ascent beyond this occurred effortlessly by the blessings of my Gurudev. So, I can see that I didn’t do anything out of my own wish in this life. That is why whatever I am distributing, in that, nothing is mine.

  • I have set out to distribute the ‘Sattvic’ (pure, divine) wealth that I have received by the blessing of my Gurudev and by God’s grace, in the world.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • At this point, I have to fulfill double responsibilities. I still have a lot of obligations towards my family. Apart from the charity work, I have been commanded to take care of my family responsibilities too. I have been clearly told that unless I pay off the debt towards my family, I cannot leave them, or else it would mean becoming a ‘Yog Bhrust’

  • This ascent has been made possible due to the ‘luminous word’ (Prakashprad-Shabd) described in the Vedas. I can see that the consciousness described by Maharishi Aurobindo, its success was attained by me through the Luminous word described in Vedas.

  • I can also see that all the people who are connecting with me are directly experiencing and realizing the powers of that Supreme Lord according to the fruits of their past life Karmas. In this age, when the common man has almost lost faith in religion, for this to happen through an ordinary man like me is surprising.

  • Initially, I couldn’t believe it myself but due to the guidance of the Supreme Power at every step, I didn’t find it difficult to understand and believe. Barring ‘Satyug’, religion has been declining in all other eras. Now this sudden change is a clear sign of the change of era. That I was given a direct experience of the near extinction of the ‘Tamsik’ attributes, is also a clear sign of it. With the rise of that Supreme Power, it will not take long for the rest of the powers to dissipate.

  • I was given an indication about these changes in the world long back but I could not understand it. But when the Supreme Power started its work, then gradually it became clear to me. I can see that I will not live for long in India according to the way things are turning.

  • Time is less and a lot of work is to be done. This is the reason that forced me to take premature retirement six years before I was due to retire. The common man of the world may not believe it but this is a fact. For quite some time, I was hesitant to enter this field but I was forcefully pushed into it. Slowly that hesitation is going away when I saw that I will have to do whatever is already destined to happen. I am not finding it difficult to walk on the path that was already shown to me.

    - Gurudev Shri Ramlalji Siyag

  • Earlier it looked impossible but some pre-specified events are assuring that I am not going wrong. Apart from me, the review of the same incidents by the people related to me is further verifying this. When I used to think about contacting and meeting the foreigners, then it looked impossible and imaginary to me. But the change of events has given a clear indication that those experiences were true. When the people of the world call the predictions by Maharishi Aurobindo his imagination, I find that very odd.

  • Whatever was clearly told to him, Maharishi Aurobindo used to say the same. In relation to the future, he has clearly said, “Even if everything gets destroyed, I will wait for the new creation beyond the destruction. Whatever is happening in the world today, I am not scared at all. I knew that the situations will take this form. As for the intellectual idealists, I have never accepted their hopes, so I do not despair.”

  • When I used to get clear instructions, I used to be very surprised. It felt impossible and strange but since I read Maharishi Aurobindo, I developed a firm faith that I am not wrong

  • I was quite impressed by the following thing written by Maharishi Aurobindo:

  • “It is God’s wish that India should become India in the true sense, not a carbon copy of Europe. Find all the sources of power within you, then you will be victorious in all the fields.”

  • Physical Science has made so much progress that if all the power is used constructively, there will be no shortage of anything in the world. When the entire world will be affected by the ‘Sattvik’ consciousness then envy, jealousy, hatred, violence and animosity will have no place in the world. Then an atmosphere of love, kindness, compassion will be there in the entire world.

  • Whatever I am being told, when people of the world will start getting the same results through spiritual practice then the entire world will be magnetically attracted to that Supreme Power effortlessly. At that time, the following thing said by Bhagwan Shri Krishna will be proven true.

  • Abandon all varieties of religions and just surrender unto ME. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.

    - Bhagwan Shri Krishna