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According to ‘Sanatan Dharm’, it is possible to prove the creation of this world.
April 11, 1988
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

The advancement of science in today’s world has promoted realism on the one hand and has invalidated the subjects of Indian philosophy like soul, super soul, reincarnation, fruits of Karmas, etc. on the other. Today, even we Indians also don’t have faith in our culture, religion, and spirituality. The reason for this also is the steep progress of science.

  • Physical science and spiritual science are each other’s allies. In the race of advancement, physical science has gone far ahead in comparison to its father, spiritual science. The religious teachers should have accepted this fact and should have tried to remove this shortcoming but they could not dare to do so.

  • In contrast, all the religions chose an escapist route and divided these two into two different parts by an imaginary line. They also continued to lie to hide their weaknesses. On one side there is a pile of lies and on the other, there is truth. Lies cannot stand in front of the truth. This is the reason why all the religions of the world have reached such a deplorable state. Unless one accepts the truth and tries to purify the system, it is impossible to bring any improvement. The people of physical science are truth-loving therefore the moment spiritual science will start proving itself, they will start following it. People of physical science are quite awakened. They are not afraid to accept the truth.

  • The restlessness and genocide in the world are due to this imbalance. The moment spiritual science will appear in its true form, physical science will bow down before it and Maharishi Aurobindo’s prediction will come true.

  • All the physical comforts that have been created in the world, if they are used only for constructive purposes then there will be abundance in the world and it won’t take time for Maharishi Aurobindo’s prediction to come true.

  • Asian world is the keeper of the peace. It is going to cure the diseases created by Europe. Europe has advanced a lot in the field of science, controlled politics, industry, and business. From here, India’s job starts. India will have to bring all of these under the control of spiritual power and establish heaven on earth.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • According to my direct experiences, a lot of problems in the spiritual world can be resolved with proof just like physical science. I can see that all those people who are connecting with me from a spiritual point of view are having subtle body, causal body, experiences.

  • The principles of Hinduism, which were proven by Maharishi Aurobindo, one can have direct experiences by following that path.

  • If there is God then there must be a way to experience his existence, to directly see him. However difficult that path maybe, I am determined to tread that path. According to the Hindu religion, that path is within one’s own body and I have also been shown the rules to follow that path. I have started following all those rules and within one month I have experienced that what the Hindu religion tells is not a lie. I am achieving all the signs mentioned in it.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • All the people who are associated with me are also experiencing these while treading this path. I had had the experiences from ‘Mooladhar to Agamlok’ when my Gurudev was in the body but at that time people who came in touch with me didn’t experience any of these. After the heavenly departure of Gurudev on 31st December 1983, a strange kind of change occurred within me. After this, people who came into my association also experienced everything that I had experienced.

  • When I found out about this strange change by going within through deep meditation, I found that all this magic was due to the ‘Shaktipat’ by my Gurudev. I was informed that for the welfare of the world, a power is appearing through me.

  • You have to rise so that you can raise the world. The knowledge that was attained by the Rishis is resurfacing. It will have to be distributed to the entire world. India alone can start this. Although its field of activity will be the entire world, the central movement will be done by India.

    - Maharishi Aurobindo

  • God has made me understand with enough proof that all the changes and arrangements in the world are predetermined and even an iota of change in it is impossible. It is impossible to establish peace unless the progress made by the Western world is brought under the rule of spiritual power.

  • Maharishi Aurobindo has clearly said:

  • "We do not wish to eliminate the separate identities of nations and castes rather we want to remove the misunderstandings, malice and hatred between them."

  • I have been inspired to work in various countries of the world but first I have to work in India for some time. It was said by Shri Maa that all the problems of the world have got centralized in India and it is only after they are resolved that the world will be a better place to live.

  • I can see that all the people who will be the medium in this field have started connecting with me. Meaningless people, even if they get connected, get away from me either due to fear or due to special circumstances.

  • Very clear guidelines are also being given regarding who will be doing what kind of work. Shri Aurobindo has clearly said,

  • “There is space for everything in a completely spiritual life.”

  • My life is an open book that can be read by all. There is no value of religion, caste etc. in it.