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The Era that Killed Peace
May 15, 2003
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag
Founder and Patron of AVSK, Jodhpur

History is witness to the fact that many atrocities have been done against Hindus and Jews for a long period of time on this earth. I think it started after the reign of Emperor Parikshit and is still going on. It is very amazing to see that despite going through unbearable sufferings, these two races have not given up their core principle which is “Non-violence is the supreme ‘dharma’.”

  • All religions and races of the world have tried many times to uproot them from the earth but failed. This is because these two races are alive on the ‘Dharma’ that is by the order of God hence both these races are immortal.

  • The world doesn’t agree with America’s statement that Islam is a very evil and wicked religion. Were over a million Jews in Germany killed by the followers of Islam during World War-II? The whole world is witness to the fact that this gruesome act was done by a follower of Christianity who was cruel and merciless. The ‘Tamsik’ forces that killed Jesus are still carrying out such detestable deeds but these two merciful races are still alive in the world.

  • India has always given shelter to the Jews; History is witness to this fact. On the 16th of January 2003, the Jews race took refuge under the Hindu race to save itself from all the cruel powers of the world. This is not a question of the 54-year-old lady who came to take initiation from Tel-Aviv instead according to the Bible, the sky element descended on the earth. Both merged into each other. In this way, no power in the world will ever be able to separate them in any way. India’s principle is to lay its life to save the life of a refugee.

  • The task that started on the 16th of January 1991 is heading towards its end at a very fast pace. It is a sin to obstruct the path of nature by telling the exact time of occurrence of any event. There is an arrangement of epochs in the world. Today, man is going through a transition period of eras. According to our philosophy, all the ‘Tamsik’ forces meet their end at the time of change of era in the world. The ‘Dwapar’ era ended with the war of ‘Mahabharat’.

  • From time to time, these ‘Tamsik’ forces have tried to eliminate this merciful race from the world but this race is still living with pride. The same is the case with the Jews race too. Due to the union of these two races on 16th January 2003, all the ‘Tamsik’ forces are trembling with the fear of death. Violence ends with violence. This is what is happening.

  • I can foresee that soon both these races will rule the world. It doesn’t bother me that at present the ‘Tamsik’ forces are unable to believe me. These forces only know to say ‘Have faith, have faith’ but they don’t know how to act on it.