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Jogiyon Ka Baas, Mangupura, Shahpura, Jaipur (Rajasthan), IN

My name is Rameshwar Prasad, S/o Sri Manguramji Jat. I am a truck driver. In March’2011 I felt some pain in my throat. I was in Gujarat at that time. My pain went on increasing day by day, and it became difficult to drive the vehicle. I consulted the doctors at the SMS hospital Jaipur, they declared it to be Cancer, and my report was sent to Bombay for verification, and from there, the Cancer report was confirmed. Then I showed my reports at Mahavir Cancer hospital, Jaipur, after seeing the report, they wrote 45 doses of chemotherapy.

In May’2011, my nephew, Maleram, showed me the CD of Gurudev, and asked me to do intense chanting of Gurudev’s Sanjeevani mantra.

Rameshwar Prasad

— GSSY practitioner cured completely from Cancer, an incurable affliction
  • My condition was very bad. In my mouth, above the side of my tongue, a new tongue like thing had emerged, because of which I couldn’t even drink water, and it had become difficult for me to breath. I spent sleepless nights because of the pain. Even after getting 33 doses of Chemotherapy, my condition was deteriorating continuously.

  • In May’2011, my nephew, Maleram, showed me the CD of Gurudev, and asked me to do intense chanting of Gurudev’s Sanjeevani mantra. He made me to do the meditation, while sitting along with him.

  • For the first 2-3 days I couldn’t get into the state of meditation, then I did an intense prayer to Gurudev, that, either he shall cure my affliction or he shall get me out of this world. Then I began to get into the meditative state, and a sweet fluid began to come in the mouth (Khechari Mudra), and my pain disappeared.

  • After a week, when I consulted the doctor, he was surprised to see that my second tongue like thing in the mouth had disappeared. I had gone there walking normally, even after chemotherapy, whereas after 33 doses of chemotherapy, people are brought on a stretcher as they don’t remain fit for even walking also. I kept on doing the intense chanting of the Sanjeevani Mantra.

  • One night, I saw a black man wearing black clothes, who didn’t have hairs on his head, coming towards me, an Axe was kept near me, I took the Axe in the hand and I told him that, if he came towards me, I shall hit him.

  • At that moment, suddenly Gurudev appeared and told me to go out, and said that he shall talk with that black man. After that, when I woke in the morning, then my pain had disappeared completely. After that I developed complete faith in Gurudev, and I threw away all the medicines. I surrendered(internally) at the feet of Gurudev.

Today I am completely well by the grace of Gurudev, and now I have also begun to take food. Earlier the mouth used to remain dry, now the secretion of saliva in the mouth has also started. All I want to say to everyone is that, if all of you meditate on Gurudev, then you will definitely get the result, because I have also got it.

Gurudev has given me a new life, this body is alive because of Gurudev’s grace only.