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Laxman Ram Choudhary

Narrating for his nephew Pukhraj Ram

Cancer Cured


Ram Nagar, Barmer (Rajasthan), IN

I was initiated from Gurudev Siyag on June 29, 1995. The very next day, I prepared all family members to meditate on Gurudev’s photograph. After that I organised a meditation session during prayer time in my school. After this I started organising Gurudev’s meditation sessions in various other schools and with other people. With Gurudev’s grace people suffering from Aids and Cancer started getting relief. I would like to narrate an incident which is very important in my life.

  • My nephew Pukhraj s/o Prahlad Ram, aged 14 years suddenly suffered stomach ache in January’2003. After having some treatment in Barmer Hospital, he was later operated in MG Hospital in Jodhpur.

  • After a few days knots formed once again. Tests were carried out at Ahmedabad Hospital which showed Cancer. He was admitted in hospital where swelling in the stomach was observed.

  • Since swelling was not going away, we took him to PBM Hospital, Bikaner where he was given chemotherapy. When he came home there was swelling on his legs and internal organs.

  • All the efforts of Medical Science proved to be futile. In spite of spending huge amount of money, there was no relief.

All the efforts of Medical Science proved to be futile. In spite of wasting huge amount of money, there was no relief. Then I brought him to Gurudev’s meditation camp and after getting initiated from Gurudev, he started meditating and chanting.

Laxman Ram Choudhary

— GSSY practitioner narrating his nephew Pukhraj's story who got completely cured from Cancer, an incurable affliction

After sometime, I observed gradual improvement in his health. Knots at the back got punctured and vanished.

After that he stopped taking any medicines and he became healthy. Its my humble request that everyone should meditate on Gurudev’s image so that they can get rid of various problems.