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Adarsh village kekad, Teh. Sedwa Dist. - Barmer (Rajasthan), IN

Today, I have two kids who are completely healthy. My wife also does not have AIDS when according to modern science if the husband is suffering from AIDS then his wife too will have it. Science cannot stand in front of Siddha Yoga.

A few days before my marriage I fell ill. When I got myself tested in the hospital, doctors diagnosed AIDS. My marriage was cancelled and I was admitted in the hospital. My condition didn't improve.


— GSSY practitioner cured completely from an incurable affliction AIDS
  • My younger brother knew about Gurudev Shri Ramlal ji Siyag's Siddha Yoga. He took me to Gurudev's ashram in Jodhpur.

  • After taking initiation on Thursday, I started doing meditation and chanting regularly. I recovered completely after a few months.

  • One day I asked Gurudev, " Gurudev, earlier I was a patient of AIDS but now I am completely healthy, May I marry now ?

  • Gurudev replied in the affirmative. I got married. Today I have two kids who are healthy. My wife also doesn't have AIDS when according to Science if the husband has AIDS then wife too gets it.

Science doesn't stand in front of Siddha Yoga. Gurudev helped me understand this fact.