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Jawaharlal Bohra

Cancer Cured


Jawaharlal Bohra C/O Sultan Singhji Baran Opp. Potter's Temple, Ist 'B' Road, Sardarpura, Jodhpur (Raj)


  • What work did you do and where?

    I used to work as a broker in the stock market in Mumbai and I am a Pushkar Brahmin of Phalodi. I was running a good business in Mumbai.

  • When did you come to know about cancer, where did you get the checkup done?

    When I was in Mumbai in 1997-98, I felt a slight swelling on the right cheek. Then the lump started growing. And when I showed to the doctor, the doctor said that I had cancer. And within 15 days, I was bed ridden. Then, I consulted Bombay Hospital Trust where for two months, Dr. N.K. Apte and NH Wanka treated me. There was no improvement. Then I took treatment for two months in his private chamber at Sukh-Sagar. Treatment continued for almost 8 months at different places, but instead of making a difference, the disease continued to grow. Fed up, my wife and family brought me to Jodhpur.

  • Where did you get the treatment in Jodhpur? And what did the doctors say?

    Arrived at Jodhpur and showed to Dr. Arvind Mathur at Mathura Das Mathur Hospital. Seeing all the reports, he advised to go to Mumbai. My wife said that we have come to Jodhpur from Mumbai, now you do some treatment, then the doctor said that treatment is not possible here.

  • How did you feel in such a situation and what action did you take?

    I was completely disappointed. My wife too cried. One day, I saw a ray of hope at STD booth of Shri Ram Dayal Ji Chaudhary at Sardarpura II B Road. At that time, revered Gurudevji lived in his house. Ramdayalji said that if I meditated on Gurudev, I would be cured.

  • When and where did you take initiation?

    I started meditating and chanting the Sanjeevani mantra given by Gurudev from 2 April 1998. Took initiation at Gandhi Maidan, Sardarpura, Jodhpur.

  • What changed in you after initiation?

    When I started chanting the Sanjeevani Mantra and meditating on Gurudev, a variety of Yogic Kriyas occurred during meditation. After 27-28 days, the lump dissolved and all the toxin came out within two days after that without operation and on the fourth day, I started eating salted food with chilli where as previously for the last 8 or 9 months, I was only on juices.

  • Have the doctors checked you again after this change?

    Due to chanting and meditation, there was such a sudden change in my body. We got the YFC done by Dr. S.C Kalla. Report revealed that I was well. Dr. Saheb said that I didn’t have cancer.

    When I recovered completely, I along with my wife went to meet Dr. Arvind Mathur. I told Dr. Mathur that he had told that there was no cure, but I am still alive. And when he saw the report of Bombay Hospital stating that I had cancer, he couldn’t believe it. He said that either report is wrong or the name on the report is misplaced. My wife got angry by this response and we came back.

  • How do you feel today? And what message do you want to give to the general public?

    Today on the 4th of May 2008, I say that I am alive only because of Gurudev’s kripa (grace and blessings) otherwise my life had ended in 1998 according to Physical Science. I spent 60-70 thousand rupees on the treatment of the disease without getting any result, but when I arrived at the feet of respected Gurudev, I recovered without medicine and without spending a single penny. It is my opinion that people should take initiation from Gurudev to make their life successful.

  • Did you get a negative test for cancer?

    No. Due to this illness, all the jewelry and property got sold, so I was not able to get the test done, but today I am alive and sitting in front of you as a live proof of negative report for the last ten years. I am healthy and doing my work.

    Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag's Shaktipat initiation came in my life like a big miracle. Perhaps no one will believe that a disease like cancer can be cured simply by chanting and meditation but I, Jawaharlal Bohra is a living example for this. Guru ji came in my life like God.