Image Kistura Ram

Kistura Ram

Prosperity came by Guru Kripa


S/o Shri Hiraramji Village - Bhimarlai, Railway Station, District - Barmer

I used to be always sick since 1997. Used to worship Gods and ghosts. Took a lot of medicines from doctors but there was no relief.

  • I showed to Dr. Gandhi of Pachpadra, he said I had diabetes. He gave medicines and I took medicines for 10 days.

  • My both daughters were also affected by strange illnesses. I was living a hellish life. The desire to live life was over.

Then one day my son Tagaram, told me about Gurudev and he asked me to go to Gurudevji. We all went to meet Gurudev Shri Ramlal Ji Siyag and took initiation. I started chanting and meditating, then my sickness and my daughters' illnesses were cured.
  • Headaches, Diabetes got cured without taking medicines, without spending any money, only by chanting and meditating.

  • I have to say to all the people of India that ‘Kalki’ has incarnated on this earth.

  • A new life begins when we take shelter at the lotus feet of Gurudev. All diseases are cured. There is happiness, peace and prosperity in the house. Try it out.